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Holy Tatooine: there’s a planet with 4 suns, and two amateur astronomers found it.  While binary suns planets are rare, they do exist.  Scientist have found approximately 5 of them.  But this discovery is the only known quadruple suns planet.  Citizen scientists, Robert Gagliano and Ian Jek, have christened their find PH1.


Speaking of Planets: the Keppler Space Museum has discovered an earth twin about 600 light years away.  It’s located in the “Goldilocks Zone” (AKA: habital zone) of it’s star which means it’s neither too hot nor too cold for water.  And water, as we all should know, means life.  Scientists imaginatively dubbed this planet keppler 22-B.

(National Geographic)

Wild Weather: amazing photo of lightning in the middle of a volcanic eruption, Iceland, 2010.  The elements of a storm over an erruption spark and electrical charge that causes the lightning.  The ash cloud from this eruption delayed European air travel for a week.

(National Geographic)

Who Says Judges Don’t Have a Sense of Humor: The UK High Court of Justice ruled that Apple must run a public apology over the whole Samsung tablet design flap (Apple lost).  The High Court was very explicit in it’s ruling.  Apple is order to run the apology on its website and in newspapers in Ariel with a font size no smaller than 14 pt.  Excuse me while I have a good laugh.


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