‘The Clone Wars Season 5: Front Runners’ Review

October 15, 2012 at 12:34 pm | Posted in Reviews, Television, The Clone Wars | 2 Comments

“Front Runners” launches the Onderon rebels into action as they begin fighting against the Confederacy in Isis. As Obi-Wan and Anakin head back to Coruscant to report to the Jedi council, Ahsoka is left to oversee their first big operation.

Skuldren: There were two things that quickly impressed me with this episode. First off, the Onderon rebels were using some pretty sound military tactics in fighting the CIS droids. The early montages had them hitting the clankers from multiple angles, utilizing distractions, and focusing on hit and run attacks. There were lots of little, subtle elements that layered on degrees of realism to the guerrilla style combat. It was nice to see that.

Secondly, there were a lot of background characters. The sheer number of computer models they developed just to fill the scenes was impressive. Isis had actual crowds of people with detailed faces. It certainly added to the scope of the scenery. I really liked that.

Synlah: An interesting turn of events happened when Obi-Wan and Anakin departed to report to the Jedi council on Coruscant (I’m still a little confused as to why they couldn’t do that by holo.  The rebels had no trouble contacting the Jedi on Coruscant), and Anakin left Ahsoka behind as the Jedi adviser.  He also told Ahsoka he understood how she felt.  Double take by Ahsoka on that one.  However, with this episode, the personal side plot was definitely subordinate to the greater war plot.  The rebels certainly show the Jedi/Rex training has paid off and they’re beginning to rally the people of Onderon behind them.  Enter Dooku, not physically, but by holo discussing the Onderon-rebel situation with the king.  You just know next episode is going to ramp things up with retaliation.

Speaking of ramping things up; every season the animation’s gotten better, but they’ve really outdone themselves this season.  The scope and detail just pulls you into the show, and you forget you’re watching what isn’t really a Saturday morning kids’ show at all.

Skuldren: There was a lot of action in this episode, but like Synlah mentioned above, there were also some nice character moments. I liked it when Anakin picked up on Ahsoka being distracted by Lux, and told her to stay focused, that he understood. It was very subtle and vague, carefully beating around the bush, and I thought it worked well to further deepen the complexity of Anakin and Ahsoka’s master-padawan relationship.

I also liked the surprise at the end of the episode when the rebels elected Steela to be their leader. I thought Lux was all set to be their leader, but Steela certainly makes a lot more sense. She represents a good middle ground between Lux and Saw. However the reveal at the very end, that Saw and Steela are brother and sister, adds more complexity to the rebels situation. On one hand, Steela has to consider the ideas of her head strong brother, and on the other hand, she has to consider the ideas from her potential love interest, Lux. With two more episodes left in this arc, there’s potential for a conflict between Lux and Saw who might force Steela to make a tough decision that could forever change the fate of the rebels.

Synlah: Agreed.  This is promising to be a thoroughly satisfying arc, one that is layered and at the same time advances the complexities of both the war and Anakin’s gradual descent to darkness.

Reviewed By: Synlah and Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.


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  1. Was fantastic. I can’t wait to see that General Kalani.

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