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What a Bummer: Palaeontologists, who actually did all that nitpicky work, have determined that DNA lasts for only about 500 years (half life).  So that means I’m not getting the ultimate T-rex watch dog after all.  Seriously, that would have been the ultimate neighborhood crime watch, don’t you think?

(Nature via Gizmodo)

Attack of the Jurassic Spider: I lied; it’s really the Cruteceous Period, but this is a fantastic frozen-in-time glimpse from our prehistoric past.  That’s a male wasp trapped in the spider’s web (fifteen intact strands of the web were found in the amber).  Another male spider was also trapped in the same amber.

(Discovery News)

FTL Real…Theoretically: We all know Einstein’s Theory of Relativity; i.e. nothing can move faster than the speed of light.  This doesn’t work so well for scifi, so the unexplained short cut, FTL (faster than light) is pretty much universally used.  Well, it looks like maybe it’s not so scifi after all.  Professor Jim Hill and Dr Barry Cox in the University of Adelaide (Australia) School of Mathematical Sciences have developed new formulas that allow for travel beyond this limit. To quote the mathematicians:

“Our approach is a natural and logical extension of the Einstein Theory of Special Relativity, and produces anticipated formulae without the need for imaginary numbers or complicated physics.”

You can read (and understand) their research on Science Daily.

Possibly the Best Christmas Gift Ever:  Kid-friendly robot construction.

(Inside Science)

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