‘The Clone Wars Season 5: A War on Two Fronts’ Review

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‘A War on Two Fronts’ launches the Jedi off into dangerous territory as they try to assist a resistance cell on Onderon. But is it the right move for the Jedi?

Skuldren: I really liked how the episode kicked off with some intelligent and intriguing commentary amongst the Jedi leadership. Very quickly things boil down to Yoda and Obi-Wan taking a very cautious approach to any assistance of rebels on Onderon. On the other hand, both Mace Windu and Anakin Skywalker are whole heatedly in support of helping the rebels. Continue Reading ‘The Clone Wars Season 5: A War on Two Fronts’ Review…

Monday Funny: Honest Trailer – The Avengers

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(via Screen Junkies)

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Happy Birthday, Skuldren

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He’s the Bink to my Tag; the glue that holds this space station together.  And it’s his birthday.  Join me in wishing the incomparable Hutt and Ewok loving Skuldren a happy birthday and many more to come.

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Geeks are Sexy Interview with Ashley Eckstein

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Geeks are Sexy interviewed The Clone Wars voice actress Ashley Eckstein covering Star Wars Reads Day, Her Universe, and her role as Ahsoka.

What can we expect from Season 5 of The Clone Wars, especially from Ahsoka?

Ashley Eckstein: It’s exciting. Season 5, you’re gonna see Ahsoka go through many different challenges and emotions. She’s come a long way. I mean, I think, Season 1 she was “Snippy Ahsoka”; Season 2, she got to train under a lot of other Jedi and she got to go out on her own a little bit…Season 3 and 4 she really started to become just one of the gang, you know? Less of the Padawan, but she was set out on her own a lot, where she was in charge and she had to put to use what Anakin taught her.

Now, in Season 5, she really is just one of the gang. Even though technically, by title, she’s a Padawan, I think she’s really kinda earned her stripes at this point; she’s earned their respect. And we get to see her in a little bit more of a mentor role in Season 5. She’s becoming more of the teacher and less the student. However, she’s wise and mature beyond her years, but when she’s interacting with some of her peers, for example, Lux [Bonteri], she has these real-age emotions. We realize that socially, she really is only 16, and she is kind of struggling with, you know, “What are these feelings?” “What are these emotions?” We get to see her be a 16-year-old girl and I think that’s unique and how she deals with that. I also think she grows closer with Anakin Skywalker, which is a really nice dynamic to see. [Also,] you may be left with more questions than answers at the end of Season 5.

Click here to read the full interview.

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Angry Birds Star Wars

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Angry Birds Star Wars will be coming out on November 8th along with various merchandise. All the characters will be getting a Star Wars makeover as you can see below.

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