50 Unfounded Reasons Why Adi Died

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Adi Gallia died because…

  1. They wanted to do a Wilhelm scream.
  2. Leland Chee lost in a poker game with George, so George got to kill off another character.
  3. The voice actress, Angelique Perrin, wore a red shirt to the studio, and per TCW custom, her character had to die.
  4. She had the fewest dialog lines in the episode.
  5. Angelique told Clancy Brown ‘there can be two.’ The Kurgon promptly informed Dave ‘there can be only one!’
  6. George was confused by there being two Gallia’s, so one had to go.
  7. Chewbacca was not available.
  8. Opress thought she was a pinata full of tiny toy Jawas.
  9. Like Even Piell, she was born on the planet Cat where everyone has nine lives. She and Even Piell will get to die 8 more times.
  10. The ten episode story arc of The Tragedy of Adi the Wise was considered ‘too ambitious’ and costly. The novelization will still be covered by Paul S. Kemp.
  11. The guys at Dark Horse Comics made faces at Dave when he walked by their booth at Star Wars Celebration VI.
  12. George took Dave’s hat one too many times.
  13. It’s part of a gag with Star Wars: Detours. Like Kenny, Adi will die hilariously in each episode.
  14. Dave remarked to the special effects team that he would like to see what Adi’s Force ghost would look like. They took his direction a bit too far.
  15. A fan asked George about Adi, and he replied “Who?” It then became instant canon that she couldn’t exist.
  16. Karen Traviss once proposed a story idea to make Adi a Mandalorian.
  17. She has a Croke hidden in her left foot. The Croke will become a major villain later in the season.
  18. Troy Denning wrote this episode under a pseudonym and with the condition that he would get to kill at least one character.
  19. The writers though her name was Adi Galla, and thus completely unconnected with Adi Gallia.
  20. Leland was out sick that week.
  21. George double dared Dave to intentionally go against canon, “It’s so refreshing. You have to try it.”
  22. George has “UNLIMITED POWAH!”
  23. Obi-Wan will reveal in a later episode that he and Adi had a love affair. This will be a major plot point in the live action TV show while he’s stuck on Tatooine.
  24. Her name was too hard to pronounce.
  25. Her action figure sales were doing poorly.
  26. As part of a promotional line of new Her Universe clothing, ‘Adi Gallia, Always Remember.’
  27. Jedi are too cheap to bring medical droids along with them on missions.
  28. All the Jedi medics were unavailable as they are still trying to put Even Piell back together again.
  29. During a very important phone call pertaining to her fate, someone heard ‘Nah’ and thought they said ‘Yeah.’
  30. She lost the will to live.
  31. Angelique Perrin asked for a raise.
  32. So a clan of Dathomiri witches can bring her back to life as a super powered Nightsister.
  33. It gave Hondo Ohnaka a great line, “I’m semi-speechless.”
  34. The Force switched sides.
  35. There’s a Clone Wars pool on how many characters will die, and Joel Aaron was close to winning.
  36. She asked “Where’s Kitster?”
  37. The “Who will fall” theme requires a character to die in each story arc.
  38. Her starfighter has a Plagueis/Sidious bumper sticker.
  39. There was no room for her in the next Essential Guide to Characters.
  40. Her death would bring balance to the Force.
  41. Like all things, it was written in the Journal of the Whills, the highest of all canon.
  42. Adi short-sheeted Mace’s bed one too many times.
  43. She was voted off the island by the rest of the Jedi council.
  44. It was supposed to be Anakin in that episode but he was out getting his hair styled that day so the Council sent Adi instead.
  45. TCW has an Obsession with killing off Jedi council members.
  46. She didn’t listen to the Jedi fortune cookie, ‘Strength of character can defeat strength in numbers,’ not ‘Strength of characters.’
  47. Opress won the pregame coin toss with heads.
  48. History repeats itself. Last time Obi-Wan tag teamed with a Jedi Master against Maul, the master died.
  49. Obi-Wan made her drive the whole, exhausting 14 hour trip from Coruscant to Cybloc and Cybloc to Florrum.
  50. She played too much Skyrim and thought the whole ‘arrow to the knee’ business would work with a kick.
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  1. LOL! I was laughing xD

  2. nobody told me not to wear red to the studio. :o)

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