50 Unfounded Reasons Why Adi Died

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Adi Gallia died because…

  1. They wanted to do a Wilhelm scream.
  2. Leland Chee lost in a poker game with George, so George got to kill off another character.
  3. The voice actress, Angelique Perrin, wore a red shirt to the studio, and per TCW custom, her character had to die.
  4. She had the fewest dialog lines in the episode.
  5. Angelique told Clancy Brown ‘there can be two.’ The Kurgon promptly informed Dave ‘there can be only one!’
  6. George was confused by there being two Gallia’s, so one had to go.
  7. Chewbacca was not available.
  8. Opress thought she was a pinata full of tiny toy Jawas.
  9. Like Even Piell, she was born on the planet Cat where everyone has nine lives. She and Even Piell will get to die 8 more times.
  10. The ten episode story arc of The Tragedy of Adi the Wise was considered ‘too ambitious’ and costly. The novelization will still be covered by Paul S. Kemp. Continue Reading 50 Unfounded Reasons Why Adi Died…

Star Wars Reads Day Videos: Allston, Brown, Hidalgo, & Thompson

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The StarWars Youtube channel has posted some more Star Wars Reads Day videos.

Continue Reading Star Wars Reads Day Videos: Allston, Brown, Hidalgo, & Thompson…

Utini Shout Outs

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Tosche Station: Great interview with Her Universe creator and voice of TCW’s Ahsoka Tano, Ashley Eckstein.  Ashley talks about what voicing Ahsoka means to her, upcoming Her Universe products, and the rising presence of female fans in the Star Wars fandom.  The interview begins at 28.30 and you can access the interview here.

Speaking of interviews, Bombad Radio has an interview with author Dave Wolverton.  Among other things, Dave reveals that he once taught writing to Stephanie Meyers.  Or at least tried to.  You can catch that interview here.

Jennifer Livingston: The CBS WKBT News anchor was bullied by a non-viewer over her weight and she didn’t take it lying down.  October is Anti-bullying Month, and Jennifer’s message is spot on about this issue.  As part of a fandom (including Ashley Eckstein) that recently stood up to a very public bullying — and will continue to do so —  we applaud Jennifer and stand with her against bullying all its forms.

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Goodreads Star Wars Reads Panel

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Goodreads is hosting a special Star Wars Reads panel all day today featuring authors Jason Fry, Ryder Windham, Randy Stradley, Tom Angleberger, Chris Alexander, Matthew Reinhart, Jeffrey Brown, and Timothy Zahn. Click here to join the discussion!

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Lightsaber Rattling Interview with Chris Trevas

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Lightsaber Rattling posted an interview with Chris Trevas, one of the artists for Star Wars: The Essential Reader’s Companion. The interview covers everything from Chris’ illustration methods to his favorite pieces.

It looks like the folks at Del Rey kept you busy on The Essential Reader’s Companion, by my count you have 23 illustrations in the book. Out of those, is there one piece that stands out as your favorite?

CT: It’s tough to pick just one. They were all pretty fun for different reasons. The piece showing Lando escorting Luke, Han and Chewie onto the skiff at Jabba’s was fun since it’s a scene taking place within the classic movie timeline, but not shown on screen. Those are my favorite pieces to do. I also like to illustrate the Millennium Falcon’s history so I enjoyed painting young Han from the Han Solo Adventures.

Click here to read the full interview.

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