Conspiracy Report: And They All Fall Down

October 4, 2012 at 8:57 am | Posted in Conspiracy Report, Regular Feature, Speculation, Television, The Clone Wars | 3 Comments

At Star Wars Celebration VI, chalk artist Eric Maruscak created a cool mural for The Clone Wars. It depicted Darth Sidious and a bunch of TCW characters with the tagline “who will fall?” Not too long afterwards, the promotional art appeared online. Each season of The Clone Wars has typically had a catch phrase like “Season of the Bounty Hunters” or “Secrets Revealed.” If those are anything to go on, then Season 5 is “Who will fall?”

Now at first glimpse, the promo art would suggest that one of the characters shown might die in the season opener. For everyone whose seen “Revival”, we already know who that person is. But what if “Who will fall?” is not just a promo to kick start the season, but a theme for the entire season? What if this is just one of many deaths to come? With Darth Maul and Savage Opress tearing through the cast of characters, this is definitely a possibility. On top of that, there’s the promise of Black Sun, Death Watch, and a seriously ticked off Darth Sidious.

Fair warning, we’re heading into spoiler territory for Season 5, Episode One.

So, Adi Gallia bit the dust. She’s pictured on the “Who will fall?” art. Also pictured is Hondo, Maul, and Opress who were all in “Revival” and thus fair game for speculation. But that leaves quite a few characters who did not appear in the first episode. Pre Vizsla, Rex, Ahsoka, Ventress, Satine, and Embo won’t be seen until later in the season. That’s why I think there’s more to come. Another indicator is Sidious himself. He looms over all the possible victims in the artwork. His presence leaves the impression that some of the people pictured may fall to him. Surely Maul will meet his demise before Episode III, and his brother is just as likely to meet his end to ramp up the drama and tension. The previews show Darth Sidious dual wielding lightsabers and taking out Death Watch commandos. There’s no way he’s going to go on a warpath without Maul and Opress facing the consequences.

We also know from the previews that Death Watch will be set loose. If the pacifist Mandalorians are no longer able to keep them in check, it’s likely that means Satine is no longer around. Even if her death isn’t necessary to unleash Death Watch, they’ll certainly want to take her out in order to regain control of their planet. A person like Pre Vizsla might side with Darth Maul, but you can sure count on his price being the removal of a pesky, pacifist leader. Pre Vizsla is also a likely candidate to fall beneath the fury of Darth Sdious’ blade.

And of course everyone wants to know the fate of Ahsoka. Remember the Celebration VI discussion about how Ashley Eckstein was taken aside from the rest of the cast during recording for The Clone Wars to privately discuss a piece of highly secretive dialog?

But what if “Who will fall?” had a dual meaning? Perhaps we won’t see Ahsoka die after all. In fact there’s a possibility she could…fall to the dark side. We’ve seen Ahsoka come a long way in the series. She’s also very close to Anakin. Someone that close to Anakin could serve as a very useful tool for manipulation. Putting two and two together could lead Darth Sidious to set his sights on an overlooked padawan. Would it be possible for Sidious to turn Ahsoka to the dark side? Who knows. One thing we do know: he certainly didn’t have any trouble turning her master to the dark side. Take another look at Darth Sidious in the promo art. Is he pointing to who will die next, or his future apprentice?

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  1. Great analysis! “Who will fall…” I loved your ideas on Ahsoka falling to the darkside, that’s some great insight. While I really don’t want to see Ahsoka meet her Fate, her turning to the darkside has always been a concept fans have pondered about…Time will tell…

    ~Fangirl In the Force

  2. Ah, but you forget. Sidious is the largest part of the picture, which clearly means that he will die and that his death will have dramatic consequences. Eventually, the clone Paalpatine will take over the Senate, but does he know of Siidious’ manipulation of the war?
    Only time will tell.

  3. I take it the above comment either isnt serious at all or this guy is ummm… new to star wars, and surely we all know the “relationship” between Sid and Palpy (dont want to spoil for those who truly dont) as seen in Revenge of the Sith.

    Anyways, it seems to me from this art and the second season 5 trailer that Satine may be offed by Maul (scene where she is surrounded by mandos and Maul in mando armor) likely as a stab at Obi since he loved her once. He will likely try to rescue her but fail when the Twilight is shot down. PreViszla will more than likely die when Maul betrays the mandos (scenes show strife between mandos and Maul, plus a scene where Pre duels Maul, shouting “for Mandalore!”). Hondo might get his when Maul’s mandos fire rockets at what appear to be a group of weequay pirates, but then again Hondo’s is a slippery lot. Cant really see the point in taking out Embo as he poses little threat to Palpy’s vision and might prove useful skill-wise but I dont yet know his true purpose in season 5 other than it seems to be to eliminate Padme or maybe Clovis. I dont see Rex going out as it wouldnt be fitting to toss a core trooper character out like he’s one of the “Rookies” or like Boil and Waxer (sad to see them go). As for Maul and Savage, IMO Maul’s song has been sung, plus we see him getting fried at the end of trailer 2. New blood-wise, I’d like to see Savage have a future at least into season 6, cuz he already lost an arm in the season opener and still, also IMO, has some more life to his story that would be wasted if both brothers got it at the hands of Sidious. Needless to say, whichever brother does die, it would be a waste to kill them both. Finally we come to the two leading ladies… Ventress and Ahsoka. I dont want either to die or undergo any kind of drastic fall. Ahsoka being the fan-fave, she HAS to survive until the series finale or close to it or the show will upset many fans. Personally, I’d like to see her abandon the jedi and the war and run away and live happily ever after with Lux Bonteri. As for Ventress, being my favorite because the recent change her character has experienced and the depth of character she’s gained since Dooku’s betrayal 2 seasons ago, I want to see her survive as well and develope the change of heart hinted at in the season 4 episode “Bounty”, to see her own darkness yield to compassion and maybe even fulfill her destiny as the jedi she could have been, before vengeance for her master’s death made her abandon that life, and if she absolutely has to die, make it the sacrifice play with a good-spirited eulogy by Obi.

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