‘Scoundrels’ Delay

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As noted elsewhere and by Timothy Zahn himself, Scoundrels has a new release date of January 1, 2013. This is a push back from the previous December 26 publication date. On the bright side, everyone can now start 2013 with a bang.

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Monday Funny: Hunger Games — Again

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We love the Hunger Games.  Honest.  It only seems like we’re picking on them — okay, we are picking on them.  So shoot us.

(via Bad Lip Reading)

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‘The Clone Wars Season 5: Revival’ Review

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The Clone Wars Season 5 “Revival” kicked off with a bang. Not only did we get to see some epic Maul action, but some hilarious lines from Hondo, and Obi-Wan at his finest. In case you missed it, you can watch the full episode online here.

Quick rundown of “Revival”: Obi-Wan Kenobi and Adi Gallia track Maul and Opress to Florrum, where the Zabrak brothers have managed to turn the loyalty of some members of the Pirate Hondo’s gang to their cause.  Everyone lands on Florrum and lots of fighting ensues.

Skuldren: I really liked how the episode touched on two fronts. On one hand it was able to dig deep and connect with the same level of drama as the battle between Obi-Wan, Qui Gon, and Darth Maul in The Phantom Menace. This time the odds were even as Darth Maul and Savage Opress squared off against Obi-Wan and Adi Gallia. The result was just as emotionally inspiring.

On the other hand, I loved how the more serious elements were balanced with a health dose of humor from Hondo. Continue Reading ‘The Clone Wars Season 5: Revival’ Review…

‘Into the Void’ Blurb and Other Book News

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Knights Archive spotted an early book blurb for Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void in the Edelweiss online catalog.

A stand-alone hardcover tie-in to the successful comic book series, Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi, written by fantasy novelist, Tim Lebbon.

Taking place thousands of years before the time of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. On the remote world Tython ancient philosophers and scientists share their mystical knowledge and study the ways of the Force. They establish the order of the Je’daii-which, in years to come, will become the Jedi. But first these visitors from so many different planets must colonize a dangerous new homeworld and surmount societal conflicts as the burgeoning Rakatan Empire prepares to conquer the known galaxy.

Also worth mentioning is that there will be a cross promotion between the comics and the novel similar to what was done with Knight Errant. Into the Void will include a full color excerpt from the Dawn of the Jedi comics, while the comics will also include an excerpt from the novel.

In other news, Lightsaber Rattling, following up on a lead from Knights Archive, dug up some interesting info on The Clone Wars: Official Episode Guide by Jason Fry.

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New Release: ‘Star Wars Art – Illustration’

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Star Wars Art: Illustration is out today in hardcover. This is the third book in the Star Wars Art series and collects rare, unpublished, and fan favorite art from artists like Dave Dorman, Tsuneo Sanda, Drew Struzan, and many others. If you enjoy Star Wars art, you’ll definitely want to check this out.

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