Tyrant’s Fist, Fire Carrier, and Hard Targets

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Over on the Star Wars Blog they posted the covers for Purge: Tyrant’s FistDark Times: Fire Carrier, and a new cover for Agent of the Empire: Hard Targets. A bit late but still awesome. Enjoy!

Agent of the Empire: Hard Targets

The series is coming back in October. Randy Stradley revealed that the upcoming storyline will feature cameos by Bail Organa, Leia, Winter, Darth Vader, and Boba Fett. The story will feature political intrigue based around the assassination of the Duke of Serreno.”

Dark Times: Fire Carrier

Dark Times will continue with its next arc, Fire Carrier. Randy Stradely will be writing and Doug Wheatley will just be doing the covers (as he’ll be busy with the illustrations for the Star Wars Essential Guide to Characters). “It will pick up where we left off with K’Kruhk and the younglings who were stranded on a planet back in volume 2 of Dark Times…and will come out in early 2013.”

Purge: The Tyrants Fist

“This will be a two-part story and will continue the series of one shots about Vader trying to wipe out all the remaining Jedi in the galaxy.  The story takes Vader to a more primitive planet…where the Jedi are very rooted in the culture of the people. Vader will realize that getting rid of Jedi is not just about the Jedi themselves but also getting rid of their ideals. The series will come out in December.”

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