Facebook Chat with Leland Chee Recap

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Star Wars Books hosted a chat with the  Keeper of the Holocron himself, Leland Chee!! After the break you can read a full recap of the conversation!




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Her Universe Mara Shirt Revealed

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The good news is they got the hair color right; the bad news?  There will only be 300 available at CVI and 50 online.

(via geeks with curves)

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FANgirlblog Interviews Shelly Shapiro

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FANgirlblog posted an interview today with Del Rey Editor-at-Large Shelly Shapiro. The interview reveals a lot of things, including the fact that Shelly is a gamer, that no Star Wars manuscript has ever been dead on arrival, Shelly’s thoughts on strong female characters in literature, and some info on the upcoming novels like Crucible.

SS: Crucible will be beyond awesome. After all these years of huge-cast, multi-family Star Wars series, I wanted to focus back on our three original heroes for one more exciting adventure (at least one more!) before they’re so old that the action won’t sustain suspension of disbelief. This seemed like the right time to do it. I haven’t read a word of it yet, because Troy is still writing it, but I can’t wait to read it. I’m looking forward to spending some serious time with Luke, Han, and Leia – the older, wiser ones, who have so much experience to bring to bear to an epic quest. Remember the movie Space Cowboys, where NASA had a problem that only a few of the old-time, retired (if memory serves) astronauts could handle? I loved that movie. That’s what comes to mind when I think of Crucible, except that Crucible will have a lot more action and derring-do!

Click here to read the full interview.

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New Star Wars 1313 Trailer

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IGN has an exclusive new trailer of Star Wars 1313 showing some of the footage we’ve already seen, but with extra footage of the approach and descent into Level 1313, plus a glimpse of the under city itself.

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Ryder Windham joins Star Wars Reads Day

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Star Wars author Ryder Windham will be participating in Star Wars Reads Day at the Rochambeau Children’s Library in Providence, Rhode Island along with the 501st’s New England Garrison. The event will be a combination library event and blood drive which they have dubbed Star Wars Read and Bleed Day. The event will be on October 6, so if you’re in the area, be sure to check it out.

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360° on Mars

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Curiosity has been sending back some cool images of Mars. One cool site, 360cities.net, has a 360 degree visual of Curiosity’s perspective on Mars, created by Andrew Bodrov. Follow the link and get a feel for what it would be like on Martian soil.

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Roleplayers Chronicle Interview with Paul S. Kemp

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Roleplayers Chronicle posted an interview Sunday with author Paul S. Kemp. Unlike some of the recent Kemp interviews, this one delves into roleplaying and Paul’s Dungeons & Dragons days.

What would be your dream gaming group and who would play what classes?

PSK: Oh, hell, how about Felicia Day as an elven sorcerer, Nathan Fillion as a rogue, and Neil Gaiman as a cleric of the god of the dead.  I’d play a paladin and Ed Greenwood would DM.  That’d work.

And it also touches on The Hammer and the Blade. Continue Reading Roleplayers Chronicle Interview with Paul S. Kemp…

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