Suvudu Fifty Page Friday: Mercy Kill

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As a pre-release treat, Suvudu has dedicated this Fifty Page Friday to Aaron Allston’s Mercy Kill.  After a 13 year absence from the X-wing series, Aaron had this to say about adding an addition to the popular X-wing series.

“Imagine attending your first family reunion in 13 years — or maybe it’s 37 years, you’re bad with numbers. You’re very anxious to attend, but the prospect of getting to reacquaint yourself with long-lost relatives, to get to know their kids, to catch up on their lives, just to remember all their names, is daunting.

That’s sort of what it was like to write the opening chapters of X-Wing: Mercy Kill. Most of the novel is set 37 years after the last time Wraith Squadron was the genuine center of action of a book, making me the person in charge of introductions at that long-awaited family reunion.

I chose to kick things off with a caper set only six years after the events of X-Wing: Solo Command — at nearly the same time X-Wing: Starfighters of Adumar was taking place, in fact. The first chapter would serve to reacquaint longtime readers with and to introduce new readers to the original Wraiths, plus demonstrate their methods. Then I could jump forward to the “modern,” post-Fate of the Jedi era to bring original and new Wraiths together, to showcase the new members of the unit, and to reveal the new challenges they face. Continuity, discontinuity, family, conflict, all at once.

Writing it was difficult, challenging, and fun.

Did everyone remember to bring a covered dish to pass? Good. Here we go…”

You can read the Mercy Kill excerpt over on Suvudu.

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