‘Mercy Kill’ Mini-excerpt #6

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Star Wars Books has posted another mini-excerpt from Aaron Allston’s Mercy Kill which will be out next Tuesday.

“Besides . . .” Myri suddenly sounded cheerful. “Did you hear what Trey said? You’re going to Si’klaata Cluster. That’s Hutt space. I can stay here, wallow in the mud, and eat worms all day, and I’ll still be in a cleaner, nicer place than you two will.”

You can find the previous excerpts here: mini-excerpt #1, #2, #3,#4, #5, the bonus excerpt, the audio excerpt, and the Random House excerpts.

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The Grand Entrance of Curiosity, the Mars Rover (as told by William Shatner)

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In this entertaining and informative video, William Shatner explains the Mars rover, Curiosity; how she got there, and how she works.  And, yes, Curiosity is a she.

(via Geek Tyrant)

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Book Review: ‘Pages of Pain’ by Troy Denning

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Star Wars: Crucible won’t be out until next year, so why not feed your Denning fix with some of his non-Star Wars material? Our suggestion: Pages of Pain. It’s a story that takes the old Greek tales and spins them on their head. Pages of Pain has plenty of character depth and some excellent intellectual threads to keep your mind buzzing. Click here to read our full review.

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‘The Vanishing Island’ Revealed

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Comic writer Tom Taylor has a new graphic novel coming out that is a sequel to his award winning The Deep. Here’s a preliminary synopsis for The Vanishing Island.

When an island is ‘completely not hit by a tsunami’, a new investigation begins for the daring aquanauts, the Nekton family. Danger, secrets, peril, ancient messages, shocking revelations, and the first word to rhyme with ‘orange’. The Nektons are back, along with Jeffrey the Fish, in an adventure every bit as mysterious as the deep blue sea.

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Paul S. Kemp SFF Writer Chat Recap

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In case you missed out on the SFF Writer Chat yesterday with author Paul S. Kemp, you can check out the transcript here. Paul talks about his new book and delves a little into his outlining and writing process as well.

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Zahn Events in Oregon Tonight and Tomorrow

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Author Timothy Zahn will be at Powell’s Books tonight in Beaverton, Oregon and in Salem, Oregon tomorrow at the 450 Court St. Book Bin. Both events will kick off at 7 PM. If you’re in the area, be sure to stop by.

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From World War to Star Wars

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Some more info on the panels that will be at Star Wars Celebration VI. Artists Chris Trevas and Chris Reiff will be joined by historian Cole Horton for From World War to Star Wars. The one hour panel will cover the influences of World War II on George Lucas’ Star Wars and will include a Q&A session with the audience. You can check out the details here.

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“Breaking Ground” Pre-orders are up!

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If you were like me and were eagerly awaiting the pre-order sale for Dave Dorman’s exclusive Star Wars Celebration VI print “Breaking Ground”, then the wait is over. Dave has the pre-orders up and ready to go right here on his official site. Remember you have to pick the prints up at CVI. You can also specify what numbered print you want and you can pay with Paypal which is very convenient.

For all the other CVI prints, be sure to check out ACME Archives or the artist’s personal sites (Joe Corroney, Jan Duursema, Spencer Brinkerhoff III, Tom Hodges). Note Chris Trevas’ print has already sold out, so hurry while they last.

Note: Chris Trevas will have 50 more prints available at CVI, so all hope is not lost if you still want one.

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