SWTOR Goes Free-to-Play in Fall

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Star Wars: The Old Republic has announced that they will be going over to free-to-play this Fall. Just this month they offered a free-to-play option to new players allowing them to play up to level 15 with their characters. Now players will be able to go all the way up to level 50. There will be some restrictions, however, as a pay option will still exist. Customers who choose to pay will get unlimited access to all of the game options while free-to-play members will have restrictions on new content and advanced player features. You can check out the details here and here.

Gaming Illustrated had some specific details on what the restrictions will include for the free-to-play option.

Players who opt in to the free-to-play option will only have limited access to most features of the game. They will be limited to a certain number of Flashpoints, Warzones and Space Missions that can be completed each week and there will be no access at all to Operations. Character customization will be limited with some features, such as species selection, only offered to subscribing players. The ability to purchase Cartel Coins will be available. They can be used to purchase items from the Cartel Market as well as to unlock some of the restrictions placed upon free-to-play players.

There will also be a restriction on things like inventory slots, the amount of credits you can hold, bank tabs, and extra characters for those using the free-to-play option. Those choosing to downgrade from subscribers will have to choose what they want to keep within the restrictions of their downgraded account.

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