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Yesterday comic writer Tom Taylor and Dark Horse Comics hosted a live Twitter chat for the recent release of Darth Maul: Death Sentence #1. You can check out our transcript of the Twitter chat below which included a special appearance by fellow Star Wars comic writer John Jackson Miller. Lots of humor, so be sure to check it out.

Dark Horse Comics: Welcome everyone to the #DarthMaul chat with @TomTaylorMade! We’re discussing his new Star Wars Comic Darth Maul: Death Sentence #1.

Tom Taylor: Thanks for having me! I put on pants for this. Be impressed.

Dark Horse Comics: Space pants?

TT: Of course they’re ‘space pants’. Are there any other kind to be wearing to a Star Wars chat?

Is Darth Maul from a race of Essendon supporters? Or is it makeup?

TT: Wow. A reference only Australians understand. Darth Maul wears Essendon colors. Don’t hold it against him.

How would solve the Kobiyashi Maru scenario?

TT: Not sure about Maul but Savage Opress would get frustrated and just slaughter everyone in the simulation.

What’s the best part of writing the new Darth Maul series?

TT: Writing the best character from the The Phantom Menace. I was annoyed he was cut in half. I’m glad I get to write half of him.

Darth Maul, when you were cut in half, did you experience phantom feelings, like your lower half was still there?

TT: Actually, Darth Maul made himself crazy metal spider legs… it was a dark time. I guess all of Maul’s times are dark though.

I think that was Maul’s Spielberg era if I’m not mistaken.

How long did it take to write the script for Darth Maul: Death Sentence #1?

TT: I like about a month for each script.

How many times has Darth Maul died?

TT: Darth Maul never died. He was kept alive by hatred, revenge and spider legs (and a little bit of crazy).

Were you nervous about handling the prequel trilogy’s most iconic and unknown character?

TT: I was a bit nervous but I’m very happy to get the chance to expand on Darth Maul’s story. He deserved more.

Where does Maul’s food go now?

TT: Ha! We should bring in @HolocronKeeper The keeper of continuity at Lucasfilm for that.

Who does Darth Maul want to go after, next?

TT: 1st Obi Wan, then the entire galaxy far, far away #HeeHasIssues

Was Dray’s hilarious observation about Maul being alive a nod to fans, your reaction or both?

TT: Absolutely. I think it’s good to have a kid question why a guy who was chopped in half is still walking around.

If Darth Maul ever turned against the Emperor, do you think the apprentice could’ve beaten his master?

TT: Yes. Darth Maul can take a lot of punishment. He can literally be chopped in half but he keeps on kicking.

Always liked Darth Maul. He has force lightening, which Vader couldn’t use and the dual lightsaber is awesome!

TT: Darth Maul was seriously one of the best looking characters ever. The only toy I bought before I saw The Phantom Menace.

Any plans for Darth Maul to take an apprentice?

TT: You after a new line of work?

TT: Just heard Darth Maul: Death Sentence #1 was one of 3 books to make the ‘Buy Pile’ at CBR and also made Newsarama’s ‘Best shots’ with 9/10.

Was the funny furry alien in Darth Maul: Death Sentence #1 a Selonian?

TT: This is a secret. I asked for Zika to be a ‘weasel-like’ human character. Bruno drew him as an actual weasel.

John Jackson Miller: What does Darth Maul wear to the beach these days?

TT: The anguished screams of his enemies… and a towel.

JJM: Well played. Yeah, I think the Speedo days are over for Darth Maul. He’ll have to survive on his singing voice.

And isn’t he technically naked with just the legs?

TT: You want to be the one to tell him that?

So with his new spidey legs…what’s the story on Darth Maul ever reproducing?

TT: Wow. Not touching that one.

Is Master Judd a Trandoshan?

TT: Master Judd isn’t a Trandoshan. He’s an all-new species. With a lightsaber pike #LightsaberPikesAreCool #LikeBowTies

How does Darth Maul ever tell if he’s getting sunburned?

TT: Darth Maul is always sunburned. That’s his secret.

Will any other characters from The Clone Wars be appearing at some point?

TT: Yes. More Clone Wars characters will appear in Darth Maul: Death Sentence. And Yoda and Mace Windu have already appeared.

Is Death Sentence likely to be a one-time deal or could you be doing another Maul comic during Season Five?

TT: No plans for a sequel to Darth Maul: Death Sentence right now but I’d write it in a heartbeat if @DarkHorseComics asked.

Your writing Darth Maul! That’s gotta be 1 of the coolest things ever! You think well get a sequel? Any ideas 4 a part two?

TT: I always have ideas. #DarthMaul ;)

Any plans for a second arc?

TT: No plans for a second Darth Maul arc right now but Dark Horse Comics always know where to find me (I’m usually in this chair).

Bonnie Burton: What does a burning Darth Maul smell like? Burnt Popcorn? Bacon? Plastic?

TT: A burning Darth Maul smells like RAGE AND FURY… and, curiously, a little like chicken. The real question is does a burning Darth Maul TASTE like chicken? Take a bite.

What’s Darth Maul’s redeeming quality? Because I’m still pissed at him.

TT: Don’t be too angry at Darth Maul. Anger leads to hate. And it’s all downhill from there.

Dark Horse Comics: Big Big Thank you to Tom Taylor and special surprise guest John Jackson Miller! And thanks to all of you!

TT: Thanks for having me! And make sure you pick up #DarthMaul: DS. Many people have said it’s good. People who aren’t my mom.

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