Review- Star Wars: Blood Ties: Boba Fett is Dead #4

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Today sees the release of the final issue of the Boba Fett is Dead arc from Tom Taylor.  All the main characters are heading together on Concord Dawn for the final showdown.  Is the final issue worth your time?  After the break you can find out what I think.

This issue does a great job of picking up the intensity from the last issue and running with it.  I have always been a fan of Boba Fett if he is handled well, I believe in the motto “less is more” with Fett.  While the series features Fett he isn’t the only character that is keeping the story moving.  I loved the arc that Connor took throughout this series and seeing Sintas and Ailyn Vel was an added bonus that didn’t distract from the story at all.

But, on to the story:  Connor found out the truth about Fett and Sintas at the end of #3 and it kept going right into this issue.  It doesn’t take long though before Connor and Sintas’ sincere moment is broken up by an ambush.

While they are being attacked Boba Fett is trying to race back to save Connor, Sintas and Ailyn.  Fett comes across Teychenne who he recruits as his own operative.  Meanwhile Connor and Sintas in full Besker’gam take the fight to the Governor and the outcome is not good for him.  Connor kills him and Sintas  sneds Connor on his way.  It seems he reminded her of Boba a little too much.  Keeping with the theme of monsters Connor brings Fett one of Purtan’s teeth since he likes to collect the teeth of monsters and Connor and Fett walk off into the sunset.

It’s themes like that that keep me coming back to Taylor’s work.  The man is an excellent story teller and no matter how many threads he weaves throughout his stories a thread is never dropped.  Chris Scalf’s artwork is once again astounding for this series and I hope we get to see his work continue for Star Wars.

Now we know that from our earlier report that Skuldren posted that Blood Ties is ending after this arc.  But I hope that if they ever come back to Blood Ties we move beyond Boba Fett.  I have immensely enjoyed what I have read, but again less is more for me when it comes to Boba Fett.

With everything that went on in this issue and as the finale to the arc itself I give Boba Fett is Dead #4 a 5 out 0f 5 brass bikinis!!

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