Excerpts and Dramatis Personae for ‘Mercy Kill’

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How about some X-Wing: Mercy Kill news we missed? Random House posted a 35 page excerpt over the weekend including the dramatis persona and the first page of the first 22 chapters. You can follow this link, and click on the cover to see the excerpt. Below is the dramatis personae.


  • Bhindi Drayson; retired intelligence officer (human female)
  • Garik “Face” Loran; retired intelligence officer (human male)
  • Jesmin Tainer; Antarian Ranger (human female)
  • Myri Antilles; gambler (human female)
  • Stavin Thaal; general (human male)
  • Trey Courser; mechanical engineer (human male)
  • Truman Durra; actor (Clawdite male)
  • Viull “Scut” Gorsat; biofabricator (Yuuzhan Vong male)
  • Voort “Piggy” saBinring; mathematics professor (Gamorrean male)
  • Wedge Antilles; retired pilot (human male)

Two big things to point out. First off, yes, there’s a Yuuzhan Vong in the new Wraith Squadron. You may begin your celebrations. Secondly, Piggy is in Mercy Kill…and in a big way. If you’re a Piggy fan, then prepare for some awesome page time with your favorite Gamorrean.

You can check out the other excerpts here: mini-excerpt #1, #2, #3, the bonus excerpt, and the audio excerpt.

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