Fantasy Faction Interviews Michael A. Stackpole

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Fantasy Faction posted an interview with author Michael A. Stackpole. The interview covers some good territory such as what authors should focus on, using real people as character models, his favorite and toughest novels, his upcoming World of Warcraft novel, and a little bit of Star Wars.

I have it on good authority that in your career writing within the Star Wars universe, there have been only a few times in which you have had a “freak-out” moment. Perhaps you could share one with us?

MAS: Well, the most recent was after Phoenix Comicon in 2012. I’ve known Jeremy Bulloch and his wife, Maureen, for years. After the convention, we hopped into my car to go off to dinner. As I was driving, I looked over and it hit me, “I’ve got Boba Fett in my car.” Somehow that thought does not fail to bring a smile.

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Old Republic Radio Interivew with Drew Karpyshyn

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Old Republic Radio interviewed Star Wars author Drew Karpyshyn. The interview touches on his favorite Star Wars film, the Old Republic era, Revan, and Children of Fire. Drew re-emphasized that he does not have any other Star Wars projects right now other than Annihilation. For the next few years he’ll be focusing on his original fantasy series Children of Fire.

Will you be writing anything more in the Star Wars universe after Star Wars Annihilation?

DK: There’s nothing on my schedule right now – for the next couple years I’ll be focusing on Children of Fire, my original fantasy trilogy. The first book in the series, also called Children of Fire, will come out in 2014. But I do enjoy Star Wars, so you never know what the future holds.

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‘Mercy Kill’ Audiobook Excerpt

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Random House Audio has posted an excerpt from Aaron Allston’s upcoming X-Wing novel Mercy Kill. You can listen to it here.

Mercy Kill will be out on August 7 in hardcover, digital, and audio formats.

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Toy Review: Xodiac by Four Horsemen

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Back in 1968, Mel Birnkrant designed a line of alien toys for the Colorforms Company called The Outer Space Men. The wire framed, soft vinyl figures were bendable and had the same style as the Major Matt Mason toyline made by Mattel which were introduced in 1966. Unlike the Major Matt Mason figures, The Outer Space Men focused entirely on aliens.

Sadly the toys are hard to come by nowadays, and if you do come across one its generally missing it’s accessories. To see one still in the package is an extremely rare find. Thankfully Four Horsemen Studios acquired the rights to start making the toys again, and with Mel Birnkrant’s help, they’ve developed a new line of Outer Space Men figures. The new toys look very similar to the originals, but with a few differences. First off, they’re smaller. Secondly they are no longer bendable with wire frame skeletons and soft vinyl bodies. Instead they now have articulated joints and hard plastic bodies. It’s a bit of a trade off, but to have the accessories and the vintage looking packaging, it’s worth it. Continue Reading Toy Review: Xodiac by Four Horsemen…

Kapow! Interview with Tom Taylor

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Kapow! posted a video interview with comic writer Tom Taylor. It covers his comic The Example with artist Colin Wilson, Star Wars, Batman, and some tips for getting into the comic industry (buy them a beer!).

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Tom Taylor at Supanova

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AccessReel sat down with comic writer Tom Taylor at Supanova in Sydney, Australia. They discuss the Star Wars comic series Invasion, Blood Ties, and Darth Maul: Death Sentence. The interview also touches on Tom’s preference for the mini-series format and his original graphic novel The Deep.

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