Review- Star Wars: Blood Ties: Boba Fett is Dead #3

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The third issue of Boba Fett is Dead has dropped today and we learn a lot about monsters.  The complicated kind and the uncomplicated kind, considering this is a Boba Fett tale imagine lots of complicated monsters ahead.  After the break you can read my review of this issue.







I’m going to admit that I was more interested in this series to find out more about Sintas Vel and her daughter, Ailyn.  But once again Tom Taylor has manged to get me to care about a character that had lost my interest over the years.  Maybe because it’s a chance to see Boba Fett portrayed the way he was back in the 90’s when he was kicking ass and taking names.  Maybe because it’s just a fun story that doesn’t have to be any thing other than a damn good Boba Fett tale.  Whatever it is I’m hooked through the first three issues.

We see Boba Fett get past Darth Vader on Blackfel and take on a squad of stormtroopers just to get the answers he is seeking.  At the same time we get to see Ailyn kick some serious ass as she helps to save Connor and her mother from an attack.  It’s just too bad that Connor and the Vel’s played right into the hands of Governor Purton, the Governor of Concord Dawn.  There is a touching scene between Sintas and Connor that could lead to some pretty big trouble for Connor if Fett finds out about it.  But for now it seems that all the players will meet up at the Vel’s safe house for the final showdown next issue.

I can’t wait for the final issue of the arc to see how the cards land on the table and with Chris Scalf on art duties, wow, I hate waiting.  To some this may seem a trivial thing but to me it’s one of my favorite things that Tom adds in to the stories, I mentioned monsters earlier and there is a theme within this issue of monsters.  Ailyn wants Connor to tell her a bedtime story and his story’s monster becomes to complicated, Fett can do that.  Meanwhile Fett admits that he hunts monsters and keeps their teeth, as seen on the wall of the Slave I.  Then there’s Vader’s appearance a huge monster for this era.  And now we have Governor Puton, the man who is currently trying to kill Fett’s family.  Yeah it’s little things like that I totally get a kick out of from Tom’s work.

I easily give this issue 5 out of 5 brass bikinis!

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