Egil and Nix: The Fan’s Choice

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We held a contest earlier in the week asking fans who they liked or thought they would like better: Egil or Nix. Both characters will be showing up next week in Paul S. Kemp’s latest novel The Hammer and the Blade. So who was the fan favorite?

Egil sounds more my style: speak softly and carry a big stick (or hammers). Thanks for the giveaway.” -Tim

“So far, I’ve definitely liked both of the characters in the excerpts and am REALLY looking forward to The Hammer and the Blade. But I’ve gotta go with Egil. We don’t really know much about him, and I’m intrigued as to the mysteries of him and his past. Plus, he carries two huge hammers. How can you beat that?” -Ben

Let’s just say hammers aren’t the only weapons of choice for Egil. He does really well with a crowbar, too. :)

“While I relate to Egil, the quiet thinker, Nix sounds like a fun character and I’d love to read more about him. Thankfully I’ll get to read about both of them, but my vote is for Nix.Thanks for the giveaway and giving us fans a few tidbits to hold us over until the book releases.” -Jeff

“Stop. Hammer time! Forgive me, no one deserves to have to go through that. Though both characters seem awesome, I think I’m going to really have the most fun hanging with Egil. He’s a man of mystery and epic demolition. What’s not to love?!” -Timothy

Oh, Egil knows how to bring the house down…even on unsuspecting demons.

“Go Nix! Whenever I hear “magic” I get all giddy inside……ok….as giddy as a 46 yr. old man can get. Bring on the magic…..and don’t forget a nice dose of mayhem!” -Mark

“Going to go with Nix. I always run with a falchion in D&D.” -Orion

“I’m thinking Nix, simply because I haven’t gotten my fill of Paul writing characters like that. And knowing Mr. Kemp, Nix will have his share of secrets we’ll start to see down the road as well…” -Alexander

Ah, yes, secrets. Egil isn’t the only one with a past that haunts him.

“I don’t know. They both sound like really interesting characters. I will have to say that Egil is my favorite based on his description but I may change my mind after reading the book.” -Aaron

Nix is my favorite, nothing like a fast talker who gets into trouble so we get to see how they get out of it lol.” -Jeff

“I’m going with Nix, he sounds like he’s always getting into trouble and Egil has to get them out of trouble. Sure to be a great read.” -John

“I’m sure Nix will be my favorite, though you never know which of them will end up becoming said favorite. Sometimes the character you think you’d like least ends up being the one you find yourself rooting for.” -Blake

“I’m down with Egil, from what I’ve seen so far.” -JR

Nix! Gotta love someone who has a bag of tricks! ;D” -Kristi

Magic lanterns, wands of transformation, healing potions…check, check, and check. Can’t beat a good bag of tricks.

“I’m going to have to go with Egil on this one!” -Steve

“I have a natural affinity for rogue-ish type characters so i think i will like Nix more :)” -Randall

“I’d have to go with Nix. Gotta love those smart-ass magic users, especially ones carrying around big blades.” -Brady

Nix is definitely a smart ass…but in a good way!

“Two different personalities that belong on the same coin! I’m going with Nix, as I see him being a sarcastic arse when needs be.” -Peter

“I think I am an Egil type, but I do love my Nix types! Overall, though… let’s say Egil.” -Max

Egil sounds like a man who gets the job done, plus he fights with TWO big hammers!” -Josh

Egil can’t go wrong with hammers and a haunted past.” -Nate

“Have to go with Egil for the win!!! I’m sure I’ll like Nix too, but my vote goes to Egil.” -Chris

“Hmmm, I think Nix sounds like a good laugh. We can all you a good laugh from time to time.” -Julie

Nix may seem like the joker, but Egil and Nix are as much a comedic team as they are an adventurous pair.

The final score…Egil 10, Nix 12. A close call with a narrow victory by the fast talking, magic wand waving, falchion armed Nix the Quick! The Hammer and the Blade comes out next Tuesday in paperback and digital formats, so don’t forget to order your copy today.

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