Ewok Fantasies: Streen ‘o Streen, Where Have You Been?

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This week Ewok Fantasies takes a look at one of my own delusional fan fantasies: a Streen series. With the new focus on standalones, duologies, and trilogies, it’s a perfect time to break out good old Streen. Recent books have certainly taken the time to spotlight certain underutilized characters. Fans received a Dash Rendar novel in the way of Shadow Games. Paul S. Kemp has given us no less than two Jaden Korr novels with Crosscurrent and Riptide. Plus Del Rey has shown that the past is still fair game with novels like Scourge and Mercy Kill (which has several flashback chapters). So why not carry the trend forward for Streen? Continue Reading Ewok Fantasies: Streen ‘o Streen, Where Have You Been?…

The SF Signal Interviews Paul S. Kemp

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The SF Signal interviewed author Paul S. Kemp about his upcoming novel The Hammer and the Blade. They cover a lot of topics, including what the “S.” in Paul S. Kemp stands for (hint: it’s Finnish) as well as some off topic discussion on Fight Club, Blade Runner, Doctor Who, and even Star Wars 1313. You can listen to the interview here.

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EUCantina Interviews Scott Biel

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EUCantina posted an interview yesterday with Random House Art Director Scott Biel. We’ve seen Scott’s name mentioned recently with the cover designs for Scourge, Mercy Kill, Choices of One and The Essential Reader’s Companion.

Why did X-wing: Mercy Kill undergo a cover revision?

Scott Biel: For Mercy Kill, we looked at what was originally the final and felt it looked dated. We wanted the design to harken back to the old Bantam X-wing novels but it was missing the mark. While discussing redesigning the cover we saw these great posters for Star Wars done by Olly Moss. I used this as inspiration for the cover and I’m very happy with the final product.

Click here to read the full interview.

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Egil and Nix: The Fan’s Choice

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We held a contest earlier in the week asking fans who they liked or thought they would like better: Egil or Nix. Both characters will be showing up next week in Paul S. Kemp’s latest novel The Hammer and the Blade. So who was the fan favorite?

Egil sounds more my style: speak softly and carry a big stick (or hammers). Thanks for the giveaway.” -Tim

“So far, I’ve definitely liked both of the characters in the excerpts and am REALLY looking forward to The Hammer and the Blade. But I’ve gotta go with Egil. We don’t really know much about him, and I’m intrigued as to the mysteries of him and his past. Plus, he carries two huge hammers. How can you beat that?” -Ben

Let’s just say hammers aren’t the only weapons of choice for Egil. He does really well with a crowbar, too. :) Continue Reading Egil and Nix: The Fan’s Choice…

Heroes Convention 2012

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Heroes Convention kicks off in Charlotte, NC today and runs from June 22-24. There will be a lot of Star Wars artists in attendance including: June Brigman, Tommy Lee Edwards, Adam Hughes, Mark McKenna, Dan Parsons (inker for Legacy), Joe Quinones (cover artist for Knight Errant), Stephane Roux (Agent of the Empire artist), Allison Sohn, Cat Staggs, and John Wycough. You can find out all the details on their official site.

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