‘Mercy Kill’ Mini-excerpt #2

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Star Wars Books has posted a mini-excerpt from Aaron Allston’s Mercy Kill.

A young human woman in clothes styled to resemble a starfighter pilot’s jumpsuit and jacket but made of crinkly gold cloth, her hair a more striking and unnatural red than Face’s, bumped into Face, made a vague noise of apology, and hurried past, continuing onward toward the exit.

Voort scowled at Face. “I saw that.”

“Of course you did.”

“What did she slip you?”

Face reached into a suit coat pocket and drew out a datapad. It was small, its once-gleaming surface scratched and dull. “This. It’s wired to overheat and ignite in about three minutes.”

“Well, then, don’t hold it in your mouth.”

You can check mini-excerpt #1 here, and the bonus excerpt.

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New Release: ‘Legends of the Dark Knight #3’

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Tom Taylor has done Star Wars, and now he’s adding Batman to the list. Today Legends of the Dark Knight #3 comes out from DC Comics. Written by Tom Taylor and illustrated by Nicola Scott (pencils), Trevor Scott (inks), and Allen Passalaqua (colors), with cover art by Ethan Van Sciver. You can get the digital comic here for only $0.99.

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Production Notes for ‘Knight Errant: Escape #1’

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John Jackson Miller has posted the production notes for Knight Errant: Escape #1. John points out how significant this arc is for the characters and the story, a tie to Norse legends, and ties to the Knight Errant novel. You can check them out here.

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‘The Hammer and the Blade’ is calling you

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Yes, we’re promoting The Hammer and the Blade here at Roqoo Depot. Is it because we’re paid to do so? No. Is it because Paul S. Kemp threatened us by hiring an assassin named Drasek Riven? Not so much. Was it the venomous holo message we got from a Sith Lord named Malgus? Not really. The reason we’re pushing The Hammer and the Blade is because we liked it. It’s a fun, entertaining novel that has both wit and adventure.

If you’re still undecided, why not take a look at some of the excerpts posted by Paul? Better yet, Angry Robot Books has the first fifty pages online. Give Egil and Nix a try and see if the story telling and the characters suit you. We’re betting they will.

And hey, there’s another chance to win a free copy over on Poisoned Rationality.

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