Review- Star Wars Dawn of the Jedi #5

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The final installment in the Force Storm arc has been released and the suspense has been cranked to 11!  After the break you can read what my wife and I thought of the issue and our overall thoughts on the first 5 issues.


Corax: This issue starts off with Master Quan-Jang making it to the rift to help find the missing Journeyers, and sadly Butch is not holding up well.

MrsCorax: So then, they decide to head into the Abyss of Ruh on foot. The story turns back to the three Journeyers fighting the saarl with Xesh overlooking them from a cliff.  Xesh, after some internal conflict, swoops in and saves the Journeyers from the Saarl.

Corax: This is all an interesting scenario playing out.  You have Quan-Jang in the middle of the force storm meditating and reaching out to the other temple masters, and you have Hawk Ryo and Rori Fenn trying to get Xesh to surrender.  Rori senses the darkness that shrouds Xesh and knows that he is a nexus for the storm itself.  But Xesh feels that all these players are once again his enemies.  When Quan-Jang uses the light side against the darkness Shae believes he is dead and goes on the offensive against Xesh.

MrsCorax: Shae Koda strikes Xesh down with his own Force saber and just as she is about to finish him, he asks for her to have his heart when her people eat his body, because that is his honor. After informing him that this was not the Je’daii way she relents and the comic switches to an infirmary on Mahara Kesh, the temple of healing.

Corax: Once again we are presented with the uniqueness that is Xesh.  This is a man who doesn’t know what a healer is.  He doesn’t know what mercy is, and he doesn’t know what compassion is as well.  At this point I don’t think it’s unfair to claim that Xesh is a beast of burden for the Rakata’s Infinite Empire.  A means to an end with no future and no hope.  The Je’daii, meanwhile, do have hope; Master Quan-Jang didn’t sacrifice himself and he is alive and well.  But there is mystery involved as well, Shae Koda was once again able to use the Forcesaber and no other Je’daii has been able to.  She does admit that she was unbalanced and full of anger, so it seems we have our answer to that for now.  Tasha has spoken with the Masters and since she and Shae and Sek’nos share a bond with Xesh she is going to speak to him.

MrsCorax: Tasha enters the room Xesh is being kept in; after speaking with Xesh, he agrees to let her into his mind. What she finds there is almost too much for her to handle: Xesh, a young boy, full of darkness and shadows. Void of empathy and compassion, Xesh merely exists. However, Shae isn’t buying it; how could someone who feels nothing have saved the three of them? How could he have risked his own life for the lives of three strangers? Xesh simply replies that he “could not let your light be extinguished. I could not bear that.” Could it be that Xesh can be redeemed? Could Xesh actually help the Je’daii as opposed to hinder them? For now we will not know, because the Masters decided that since Xesh is so full of darkness, he must be sent to Bogan to meditate on Ashla. Xesh vows he will learn the ways of the Force and will not remain on Bogan forever. Personally, this frustrates me. We finally get a look at a Xesh that may not be such a bad guy and he’s sent to the dark moon? Seriously?! GAH! And what the heck was Daegan talking about? “It has begun,” what does that even mean?

Corax: This is where I’m probably going to get a little long winded; but it all serves a purpose.  What we witness at the end of the issue is the fatal flaw of the current Je’daii Order.  But it also pops up earlier in the issue as well when all the Masters fear that they will lose their planet because of Xesh.  Here’s what I think: The Je’daii have spent way too long worrying about balance within themselves and their planet.  Up until now that has worked, but guess what?  You had a ship full of dark siders crash on your planet and one lone survivor and they decide that the best solution is to send a man who has known nothing but the Dark Side to Bogan to meditate on Ashla?  Xesh has no clue as to what Ashla and Bogan even are, he has only known death and destruction and slavery to a Dark Side Empire.  I mentioned earlier the worry about losing their planet.  I personally believe that this is where rules of attachment could reasonably sprout from and be believable.  Because of their concern over what has been theirs, they send Xesh into the waiting arms of Daegan Lok. Get ready for the Force Wars everybody because this just got real.  So my dear now that you have finished your first ever comic arc what did you think of “Force Storm” as a whole?

MrsCorax: Ah-freaking-mazing, although now I’m going to be even more impatient to see what happens next; I thought waiting a month was bad, this will be torture. With that being said, this issue and all others before it were so amazing that we’re giving it 5 out of 5 brass bikinis!


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  1. So awesome. Also sending Xesh into the arms of Daegan Lok is eerily similar to sending Anakin Skywalker into the arms of Chancellor Palpatine. Both were thought to be doing good by the council; perhaps BOTH will end in destruction.

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