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Yes, you can win a night with Paul S. Kemp! Courtesy of Roqoo Depot and Angry Robot Books, we are going to giveaway a free night with Paul. You can take him to bed with you, share him on the couch, or curl up with him outside. And if your the patient kind, you can even stretch it out for a couple days!

If you’re still with us, here’s the catch: we’re giving away a free night with Paul S. Kemp’s newest novel The Hammer and the Blade. Sorry to disappoint all those readers who were hoping for a romantic evening with Paul, but trust us, having the book will be so much better than a date with a lawyer. And yes, if you’re patient, you can still stretch out the experience a couple nights. Best yet, the book doesn’t ever get tired if you want to start over again!

The Hammer and the Blade is an awesome sword and sorcery book that follows a colorful duo named Egil and Nix. They’re part tomb robbers, part adventurers, and part comedians. It’s a great book that fans of Star Wars and the Forgotten Realms can all enjoy, and it takes place in an all new world created entirely by Kemp and populated with characters of his imagining.

To win a free copy of The Hammer and the Blade, all you have to do is leave a comment and let us know who you like (or think you’ll like) better: Egil or Nix. Egil is the quiet, thinking type. He’s got some ghosts in his past, but this priest of the momentary god has two big hammers that can smash any mortal problem into smithereens. Nix, on the other hand, is a fast talking flirt whose mouth can get him into trouble. But he’s got enough skill with magic to make him dangerous…sometimes to himself as well as others. His weapon of choice is his falchion or better yet, a geehaw from his bag of tricks.

We’ll pick a random winner tomorrow, so if you like free books, enter now and don’t be ashamed to love this book all – night – long.

Note: Thanks to Angry Robot Books, we’re opening up the competition to everyone, so free shipping anywhere!.

Posted By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot. If you’re packing a hammer and a blade, don’t forget the humor!

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