A Gallery of Helmets: Boba Fett

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Star Wars is full of iconic moments, characters, and imagery. Some of those icons are so famous that anyone can recognize them. They also show up in the strangest of places. I’ve seen a lot of Star Wars art out there, and one image that repeatedly comes up is Boba Fett, especially of his helmet.

Searching across the web, I compiled a range of images all focusing on the bounty hunter’s famed helmet. From fine art to abstract, we bring you…The Boba Fett Helmet Gallery.

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Tom Taylor on Fictional Frontiers

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Comic writer Tom Taylor was on Fictional Frontiers podcast talking The Deep and a little bit of Star Wars. Click here to listen.

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‘Mercy Kill’ Mini-excerpt #1

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Star Wars Books has posted a mini-excerpt from Aaron Allston’s Mercy Kill.

Then she noticed that Trey had stopped talking. Instead, he was leaning forward, his forehead pressed against a heavy-duty, locking transparisteel cabinet.
Myri moved until she could see his face. “Four? You suddenly look like you want to cry.”

“I do.” He stepped back from the cabinet and shone his glow rod on its contents.

The cabinet had two shelves, themselves transparisteel. On the top shelf were two silvery bowl-like stands, and in each rested a globe larger than a balled human fist—a globe with dials and a depressible button.

Myri stared at them for a moment, then clamped her hand over her mouth to suppress a gasp. “Thermal detonators.”

“Two of them.” Trey’s voice was almost rapturous. “I have to steal these.”

More mini-excerpts will be incoming each Thursday up until the book’s release of August 7th.

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Kotaku Looks at Who’s Making ‘Star Wars 1313’

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Kotaku talks with Star Wars 1313‘s creative director Dominic Robilliard and takes a look at who is making the game. It’s a brief article, but with some good insight on the teams involved.

“In previous games where we’ve worked with the other parts of the company, I don’t want to say it was like chucking things over the fence,” Robilliard continues. “But if you had a department working on the cutscenes, they would just do that in isolation. However, because this cinematic game relies on the experience being seamless between the gameplay and the cutscene, we brought them in-team. And when we’re dealing with problems of the game, the ILM guys, or the Sky sound guys, or the animation guys, they care about how would we normally do it in a game. So they will bring in their expertise and say, “If it was a film we would probably light it like this.”

Click here to read the full article.

Con-tamination 2012

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Today Con-tamination 2012 kicks off in St. Louis, MO. The horror, sci-fi and pop culture convention will have numerous guests and events including Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew. Members of the 501st Legion, Rebel Legion, and the Mandalorian Mercs will be there, plus the R2-D2 Builders Club. Click here for more details.

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