‘The Essential Guide to Warfare’ Endnotes Part 10

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Jason Fry has posted part ten of the endnotes for Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Warfare.

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Big Shiny Robot Interviews Paul S. Kemp

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Big Shiny Robot posted an interview today with author Paul S. Kemp. As all of the other recent Kemp interviews, this one covers his upcoming sword and sorcery novel The Hammer and the Blade.

And the world you created here was so fully realized, will we be seeing more stories not involving Egil and Nix at any point?

PK: Interesting question and one I honestly haven’t considered. For the time being, I’m content to show the world through Egil and Nix’s eyes, but I guess you never know. Tangent: I’m delighted to hear you found the world evocative. That’s a tricky thing in sword and sorcery fiction. On the one hand, it shouldn’t be an encyclopedic reference book for a secondary world (we can leave that to epic fantasy). On the other hand, there still needs to be a strong sense of place. I’m glad to hear it worked for you.

Click here to read the full interview.

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Happy Birthday, Liam Neeson

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Today we wish a happy birthday to Liam Neeson. The man who played Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn turns 60 today. If you haven’t seen him in Battleship yet, it’s worth a watch. And if you plan on seeing the new Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises, you’ll definitely see him there.

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Balance to the Force

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One discussion that often pops up in Star Wars is the ‘Balance of the Force’ debate. Anakin Skywalker was declared the Chosen One, and it was foretold that the chosen one would bring balance to the Force. But what does balance mean? Continue Reading Balance to the Force…

Sand-o-Vision Scenes From Return of the Jedi

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Back in the day Jeff Broz sneaked himself and his 8MM onto the Arizona location shoot of ROTJ and captured some soundless and somewhat grainy footage.  Broz just released his never-before-seen footage, and (at least for me) the nostalgia factor is fantastic.  Ah, those were the days.

(via: Syfy blastr)

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Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Vengeance

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What happens when Quentin Tarantino makes a western? You get Django Unchained.

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Knight Errant gets a treat at SDCC 2012

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This year at San Diego Comic Con 2012, there will be a special variant of Dark Horse’s Knight Errant: Escape #1 featuring a special black and white cover by Mike Hawthorne. The Diamond edition is limited to 2,000 copies. If you’re heading to SDCC 2012, be sure to catch John Jackson Miller for a signed copy.

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‘Knight Errant: Escape #1’ Preview

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Dark Horse Comics has a six page preview of Knight Errant: Escape #1 available online which you can check out here. Escape #1 comes out June 13th.

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‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’ goes Free-to-Play in July

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It was announced at E3 that Star Wars: The Old Republic will be going free-to-play in July. Of course there’s a catch, your character will only be able to go up to level 15. However, judging from a lot of various feedback, the question is whether you really need to go beyond that? Regardless, if you haven’t played Star Wars: The Old Republic yet, then July is going to be the month to give it a try. You can’t beat free. On top of that, they’re adding new content including more companions and a new planet called Makeb.

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