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Star Wars Insider #134 is out and is packed with Star Wars goodness. First off there’s an announcement for the Star Wars Insider Awards which might interest some people. I know categories like “Favorite Book (Fiction)” and “Favorite Comic” caught my eye. Everyone will get a chance to vote at Insider Awards.

There’s also a nice interview with The Clone Wars director Dave Filoni. He chats a little bit about Season 4, and reveals that at the beginning of Season 5 will get to see a brand new jungle world which will rival Wasskah (as seen in Season 3’s ‘Padawan Lost’ and ‘Wookiee Hunt’), Obi-Wan will be in for some more dark times, Padme “will have a more major arc” (in comparison to Season 4 where she didn’t get much attention). Season 5 will also include the planet Onderon which will have a Rome feel and will include a look at the jungles. We’ll get a look at organized crime via characters like Hondo Ohnaka and groups like Black Sun. R2-D2 will get an adventure described as “Artoo’s biggest contribution to the war effort.” Plus Embo will be back with a dog sidekick named Marrok.

Dave also had some very insightful comments about Grievous. He compared him to the Frankenstein monster, a fiend who at first is seen as fearsome, but under the surface there’s a sadness to him. He confirmed that they are already working on Season 6 and he has some interesting comments about continuity and the EU.

“There is no more clear illustration of the difference between the Expanded Universe and the Star Wars created by George Lucas. The EU is a well of ideas, and there’s what’s on screen. They don’t live in the same universe…They relate. There are similarities…They inspire you…”

Dave was very clear in drawing a line between what George has done and what everyone else has done. What George does is official, what everyone else does can be drawn upon to be used by George, or it can be ignored.

Star Wars author Christie Golden gets some page time in Insider #134 with her short story ‘Getaway’ which includes artwork by Joe Corroney. The story focuses on Jag and Jaina as they make a “honeymoon” trip to Sakuub and the Sky Temple of Karsol. Sakuub is a brand new planet to the EU, as are the native Sakuubians. Joe Corroney’s art features Jaina, Jag, and an image of one of the Sakuubians, a blue skinned species with horns. The story has some fun dialog, an intriguing bit of story play involving Hutts, and a nice line for the ending.

Beyond the fiction and interviews, there’s a heads up for Scholastic’s upcoming novel Darth Maul: Shadow Conspiracy by Jason Fry. The book will be a novelization of a four episode arc in Season 5 and will be out in September. The novel will include new scenes, and some looks into the characters’ minds.

There’s a whole lot more in Insider #134, and I have to say it’s worth the subscription. Interviews, first looks at upcoming material, and lots of fun Star Wars stuff throughout; there’s a lot to enjoy.

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