Review- Star Wars Dawn of the Jedi #4

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Things are really starting to heat up for the heroes from 25,000 years ago as Dawn of the Jedi hits its fourth issue.  After the break you can read what my wife and I thought of the newest issue from John and Jan!


Corax: This issue was crazy and we learned quite a few new tidbits about our heroes and the Je’daii around them.  I loved the beginning of the issue with all the Masters talking about the crash and the involvement of the three young Journeyers.  John does a wonderful job of setting up the issue and ramping up the danger they all face.

MrsCorax: Indeed! Shae starts hallucinating and Tasha starts mumbling to herself… It seems like the only one who isn’t affected by the Abyss of Ruh thing is Sek’nos Rath. Is this some foreshadowing perhaps? He is a Sith after all…

Corax: I do think you may be on to something with Sek’nos, it certainly seems like he enjoys the dark side of the Force.  It also becomes evident that our heroes all have their own demons to deal with and it doesn’t look like we will have the run of the mill swashbuckling hero, which is greatly appreciated.

MrsCorax: I agree. It definitely makes these issues so much more fun to read. The suspense at the end of every issue is killing me! Even Xesh is having issues in the Abyss; it’s like repressed memories are beginning to resurface. He begins to have flashbacks of killing his master and fighting fellow Force Hound, Isk, while Trill from Issue #1 watched. Things are getting really good!

Corax: I completely agree!  Seeing some of Xesh’s backstory unfold is very cool.  Those repressed memories were of him killing his Rakatan Master on the way to Tython, he just can’t remember why he did it.  So we are left with a major cliffhanger for our Rakatan slave.  But seeing him fight on until Sek’nos saves him from the Saarl was awesome! It’s too bad that his background came back to haunt the three Je’daii.

MrsCorax: Uh…Yeah. So, Xesh’s same old “survival of the fittest” mentality comes back in to play and he abandons the three Je’daii on the cliff to fight the Saarl on their own. My first thought was, what a complete jerk move, but then I remembered that Xesh is pretty much the product of nature versus nurture. He was made this way; he was basically programmed to be ruthless and self-serving. I’m really hoping that something happens that changes Xesh and makes him a “good guy.” Maybe he and Sek’nos will switch roles…

Corax: They might, you never know.  I definitely see Sek’nos leaning towards the dark side right now, but that could change as well.  Aside from the main story itself there were a bunch of things dropped in to expand the story at the same time.  We learn that Shae’s Master, Quan-Jang, also trained Daegan Lok and he doesn’t want to lose another student to the dark side.  We also learned that Hawk Ryo had his own problems with the Abyss in the past.  I can’t wait to see how this arc wraps up next month!

MrsCorax: There is really nothing we don’t like about this series. The artwork is phenomenal and the story line is perfect. We continually give these issues 5 out of 5 brass bikinis, and John and Jan have earned every one. I can’t wait to see where the next issue takes us and where the series goes from there. With that being said, once again, we give this issue 5 out of 5 brass bikinis!


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