Update on ‘Clockwork Angels’

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Kevin J. Anderson’s new upcoming novel Clockwork Angels now has a cover and release date. The novelization of Rush’s latest album will be released on September 1st in hardcover.

In a young man’s quest to follow his dreams, he is caught between the grandiose forces of order and chaos. He travels across a lavish and colorful world of steampunk and alchemy, with lost cities, pirates, anarchists, exotic carnivals, and a rigid Watchmaker who imposes precision on every aspect of daily life.

The book will also include full color paintings and complete lyrics for the songs.

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Monday Funny: Return of the Jedi, One Minute Galactica Style

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If you’ve ever questioned our taste in humor, question no more.  With this video we’re proving how bad it is.  FYI: this video is hilarious.

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MTFBWY, George…Always

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Strong in the Force this one is.  Roqoo Depot wishes George Lucas a very happy 68th birthday…and many more to come.

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‘The Essential Guide to Warfare’ Endnotes Part 7

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Jason Fry posted part seven of the endnotes for Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Warfare. Here are the links to parts one, two, three, four, five, and six.

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Mara, Meet Early Cuyler

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I’m a fan of the Adult Swim show Squidbillies. If you’ve watched the show, you know Early Cuyler has a hat for everything. Now that includes Mara Jade.

Mara Month continues, so be on the look out for more Mara all month long.

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Dark Horse Star Wars Solicitations for August 2012

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Here are the Dark Horse Star Wars solicitations for August 2012.

Clone Wars: The Enemy On All Sides #2 Omnibus

Release Date: October 17

Writers: John Ostrander, Haden Blackman, Jeremy Barlow, and Chuck Dixon
Pencillers: Jan Duursema, Brian Ching, Brandon Badeaux, Tomás Giorello, Hoon, and Rick Leonardi
Inkers: Dan Parsons, Victor Llamas, and Mark Pennington
Colorists: Brad Anderson, Lucas Marangon, Michelle Madsen, and Dan Jackson
Cover Artist: Kev Walker

Jedi Generals and their clone troops are dispatched to every corner of the galaxy to fight the rising tide of the Separatist movement and its deadly droid armies. On these far-flung battlefields, Anakin Skywalker commands a strategic, but fateful, retreat; Obi-Wan Kenobi becomes the prisoner of Asajj Ventress; and Master Yoda is forced to trade the life of an old friend for victory. Plus, a Jedi strike force is sent to vanquish General Grievous! This volume collects Star Wars: Republic #54–#66 and #68, Star Wars: Jedi—Yoda, Star Wars: General Grievous #1–#4.

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