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Nimoy and Hendrix: proving yet again you’ll never be as cool as Spock.

(via Syfy blastr)

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Ewok Fantasies: Saluting Sith Sinks Ships

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As Star Wars fans, we all have our own delusional fantasies about Star Wars. Mine typically involve Ewoks. Starting this week I’m launching a new column entitled Ewok Fantasies that will take a closer look at crazy ideas from Star Wars fandom. To kick things off, I’m going to look at at the officer material of the Sith and their outstanding qualities as commanders. Continue Reading Ewok Fantasies: Saluting Sith Sinks Ships…

MintInBox Interview with Doug Wheatley

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MintInBox.Net posted an interview with Star Wars artist Doug Wheatley. The interview covers how he got started, his favorite Star Wars character (Ben Kenobi), as well as his work on the Dark Times series.

How have you been involved in illustrating Star Wars? How did you get involved into the Star Wars’ art/fan universe ?

DW: Randy Stradley called me up when I was at D.C. working on a Superman project. He asked me if I would do a cover for him, and of course, being a huge Star Wars fan, I jumped at the chance. A couple of years went by when I returned to Dark Horse to do the “Star Wars: Darklighter” book with Paul Chadwick, and have been doing Star Wars ever since.

Click here to read the full interview.

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Star Wars Celebration VI Update

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Some new celebrities have been announced for Star Wars Celebration VI. The new guests include Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca), Tim Rose (Admiral Ackbar, puppeteer for Sy Snootles and Salacious Crumb), Trevor Butterfield (Imperial Officer, Lt. Blount), Nick Maley (make-up artist), and Paul Springer (mime artist and puppeteer, Gamorrean guard, Ree Yees).

Here’s an updated recap of who we know of so far… Continue Reading Star Wars Celebration VI Update…

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