Anakin Solo was going to marry a Vong!

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Star Wars Books shared a pretty cool “behind the scenes” note from early plot ideas for the New Jedi Order.

“The story arc was to very closely hew to the myth structure of the Hero’s Journey as outlined by Joseph Campbell, a huge influence on the creation of the Star Wars cinematic story. With that as its basic framework, the plot underwent much evolution and exploration. Its earliest descriptions had Luke Skywalker sending the three Solo children on an epic quest, upon which they encounter a new female character from the invading species sent to infiltrate the galaxy. This unnamed female corrupts Anakin, nearly turning him to the dark side, but she falls in love with him and Anakin instead redeems her. In a fit of intense sibling rivalry, Jacen and Jaina turn on Anakin, and in the resulting conflict, Jacen dies.”

If the Star Wars: Essential Reader’s Companion packs in some cool info like this, I think readers will be very happy.

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‘Time-Traveled Tales’: Origins Exclusive?

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Author Aaron Allston posted on his blog that he and several other authors got together to make a special short story anthology entitled Time-Traveled Tales. One of the things that makes this anthology so special is that it will be on sale at the Origins Game Fair this month, and possibly nowhere else. The trade paperback is 197 pages long and will be selling for $10. It includes stories by Aaron Allston, Michael A. Stackpole, Timothy Zahn, and many others.

Keep in mind that this book is intended as a convention souvenir. If you are a diehard Allston, Stackpole, or Zahn fan, this may be your only opportunity to get the book. You can find more details here including a full list of all the authors and the names of their stories.

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Jan Duursema Art

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Star Wars artist Jan Duursema has posted some Dawn of the Jedi artwork on her Facebook page which you can check out here and here. She’s also posted some of her sketch cards for CVI.

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Book Review: ‘Shadowrealm’ by Paul S. Kemp

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Finishing off my review of Paul S. Kemp’s Twilight War Trilogy is Shadowrealm. Click here to read the full review (relatively spoiler free).

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Starship Troopers 15th Anniversary Cast & Crew Reunion

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Today the cast and crew of the cult sci-fi classic Starship Troopers are gathering at ArcLight theater in Hollywood, CA for the 15th anniversary of the film. Casper Van Dien, screenwriter/producer Ed Neumeier, Visual Effects Supervisor Phil Tippett, Creature FX designer Alec Gillis, Captain Dale Dye (Military Advisor), and others will be in attendance. Among the crew, The Clone Wars voice actor Stephen Stanton will be there as well (he’s credited as one of the digital scanner operators). You can find out more on the event’s Facebook page.

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