Clueless in Star Wars

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Synlah: You know, it’s something of an irony that a story that brought us the first truly modern, well-rounded, strong female who could hold her own with males has spawned a dismissive, sexist and clueless segment in the Star Wars fandom.  Whether it’s right or wrong on my part, I expect a degree of that from young male fans (in my defense, I’ve raised three sons so I’ve got something of an insider view of young male teenagers’ thought processes).  But when it comes from an adult, supposedly mature male, there’s no other word for it besides offensive.  What makes it even more offensive is the utter cluelessness demonstrated.

Why is the cluelessness so offensive?  Because, once again, it reduces females to less-than-fully-human objects.  Not to mention that we’re being told what to think and how to feel.  Because, you know, our poor little female brains aren’t capable of deciding for ourselves what we want and how we want it presented to us.  The presumption is preposterous.  As a white, heterosexual female I’m not going to presume to tell a minority person that their desire for equality and fair and equal treatment is invalid because I say it is. Continue Reading Clueless in Star Wars…

May is for Mara

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It’s hard to believe, but May 29th is the 5th anniversary of the day the SWEU lost Mara Jade Skywalker.  In the intervening years, no one has managed to fill Mara’s boots and really, in some ways, that’s how it should be.  Mara was a fantastic, unforgettable character.  Five years later, her presence is still missed and her absence mourned.  She was an integral part of the SWEU, a perfect foil for Luke Skywalker, and a strong, vital woman and Jedi master in her own right.

Mara was arguably the most popular SWEU original character, and Roqoo Depot is celebrating her life.  For the entire month of May we will be posting special articles, art highlights, and memorable quotes for the most famous redhead in Star Wars, Mara Jade Skywalker.  And we’ll be asking you to join us in remembering an unforgettable female hero.

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Free Comic Book Day

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Free Comic Book Day is upon us! To find the nearest locations, simply head on over to the official site. If you’re looking for Star Wars celebs, then check out the list below. The 501st and many Star Wars artists and authors will be out in force today. Plus one of the free comics out today is a Star Wars one from Dark Horse.

Tom Taylor – All Star Comics Melbourne, Australia

Aaron Allston and Peter Mayhew – Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy Austin, TX

John Jackson Miller – Chimera Hobby Shop Appleton, WI

Joe Corroney – Rupp’s Comics in Fremont, OH

Zack Whedon (writer for the FCBD Star Wars issue) – Flying Colors Comics in Concord, CA

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