How to Celebrate ‘Star Wars Day’ at the Last-minute!

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It’s getting closer to the end of the week (thank goodness) and for Star Wars fans everywhere this is a very exciting time. This Friday, May 4, is what many have deemed international ‘Star Wars Day!’ Why May 4? Because what better way to pay homage to George Lucas’ continuously growing franchise than to say ‘May the fourth be with you!’

If you’re like me, than Star Wars Day is a date that just happens to creep up on you every year. With April finally coming to a close, and the spring weather finally rearing it’s head, it’s not always easy to remember May 4. Lucky for you, I have put together some tips, tricks and ideas on how to celebrate Star Wars Day, no matter if you remember on May 3, or the day of!

Some things you should know before you begin your ‘last-minute celebration’:

Remember that you are a genuine Star Wars fan. A galaxy far, far away is a part of you, and you gladly remember how you felt while watching the opening crawl of A New Hope. For us fans, we celebrate Star Wars everyday; so don’t feel pressured to dedicate your life every year to May 4. Considering it’s not a national holiday, it’s amazing that you even choose to recognize it!

I have chosen the theme of this year’s Star Wars Day to be: simplicity, or celebrating the simple, raw awesomeness of Star Wars – no crazy gimmicks, no ‘Star Wars’ themed casino parties and you don’t have to feel pressured to convert your car into a replica of the Millennium Falcon (though that would be really, really cool!). This year is all about celebrating what makes Star Wars, Star Wars!

Note: Star Wars Day falls on a Friday this year, meaning it is possible to stay up all night jamming to John Williams without having to go to work the next day.

Ways to celebrate:

1) Watch only your favorite Star Wars films, in whichever order you feel is best. To go with this year’s theme of ‘simplicity’ I suggest you just enjoy watching whichever films you love the most. If you love all of them, then watch all of them! If you prefer the Original Trilogy over the Prequels, than just watch the Original Trilogy! Yes, you have my permission to totally skip over The Phantom Menace, and the whole Prequel Trilogy if you please – Star Wars Day is about celebrating the best Star Wars has to offer and what it means to you as an individual. And while you’re at it, do George Lucas a favor and fail to acknowledge the Star Wars Christmas Special’s existence.

2) Listen to the score of the films and bask in John William’s musical masterpiece. He’s one of the best composers of our time, and Star Wars would be nothing without his music. Could you imagine Star Wars without its theme song? Don’t even try, because it’s not possible!

3) Read your favorite Star Wars book(s)/and or comic(s). Yes, cuddle up on the couch and avert your eyes to this thing called language. Do yourself a favor and go analog in honor of Star Wars. Put down the eReader!!!!! True Star Wars fans have physical, hard copies of their books. And after you’re finished reading, why not research the author and what other books they’ve written, how they got into writing for the franchise, etc. Hardcore fans may know all this already, but for those of us ‘lighter’ fans, this can be a fun little way to learn more about the franchise.

4) Research the little people. Did you ever think to sit down and find information on all the people involved in Star Wars, whom you had no idea about? Do you have any idea how many people work with/for Lucasfilm? From video games, to books, to comics, to marketing and ‘fan outreach’. Star Wars is more than just George Lucas – it’s George Lucas and his peeps!

5) Contribute to and edit Wookieepedia. Do you realize what a wonderful tool the Internet is? By just having access to a computer, you are able to contribute to the only bible of Star Wars – Wookieepedia! Meet others as passionate about Star Wars as you, and be able to say that you are an expert with a Wookieepedia profile! It’s a win-win either way!

6) Start and join discussions online. Ahem. I may be a bit biased towards this one, because I’m a blogger, but really – Star Wars blogs and news sites would be nothing without the fans! Whether it’s starting a thread on a forum, or leading a discussion in a Star Wars/Sci-fi Chat room, you are a part of cultivating the fan base! I can’t tell you how thrilling it is to receive comments on things I post as a blogger, and there’s nothing more fun than being a ‘social butterfly’ about the things you love. Why do you think conventions are so popular? Social + what you love = AWESOME!

7) Wear your pride when you go out. Eating dinner out with friends on Friday evening? Wear your Star Wars t-shirt! If you don’t have one – then bring your toy light saber in your purse, or attach it to your belt! (Well, that may get you in trouble so I’m not responsible if people think you’re carrying a weapon…) I don’t have a Star Wars shirt (yet! I need to order one!) but I have a storm trooper button that I can put on my shirt, and that’s good enough for me!

8) Change all your digital wallpapers to Star Wars. Are you still out of ideas for celebrating Star Wars Day? Well this is certainly the simplest way to do it. Do you have a smart phone? Do you have a computer? (I’m going to assume you have one since you’re reading this) Then, make sure all you’re tech toys are decked out in their own digital, Star Wars attire! It’s a plus if you have a Star Wars smart phone case.

9) Attempt to act out your favorite movie scenes. This is probably a better activity with a friend (or a couple), but it’s certainly a fun one! Make a trash compactor out of boxes and pretend to be crushed! Or even better – pretend to be a Wampa and attack your friend (or a dog/pet if you’re home alone) and drag them into your ice lair on Hoth!

10) Get your tickets to Star Wars Celebration VI. Don’t have much time on your hands? Then plan your trip to this year’s Star Wars Celebration! You won’t feel bad about practically missing May 4 when you’re running around Orlando, FL in a Jedi robe. Really, you won’t. Get your tickets at the official website.

Most importantly, have fun. Go thrifting for vintage Star Wars shirts, go to a coffee shop and read the latest Star Wars book that you have yet to read – the possibilities are endless!

Good luck with you’re ‘last-minute’ celebration, and May the fourth be with you!

Do you have any other ideas on how to ‘simply’ celebrate Star Wars Day? Tell us in the comments!

 *This is also a reminder that May 5 is free ‘comic book day’. Check your local comic book store(s) to see if they’re participating in this yearly event!*

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