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Star Wars: Scourge came out this week and reviews from all over were pretty positive. Jeff Grubb also made the rounds with quite a few interviews. We’ve gathered them all below, complete with links, for your viewing pleasure.

“Grubb did an excellent job in quickly defining characters in the readers mind without having to delve into tons of back story…as a stand alone story it was a rip roaring good time.  If the transition from the massive multi-book series format to more short series and stand alone novels produces more novels like Scourge then we are in for a wild Bantam era like ride through the Expanded Universe.”

Scourge Review by Lightsaber Rattling

“Scourge will keep you guessing to the end, as the ultimate perpetrator’s identity is occasionally teased yet carefully concealed until the final pages.”

Scourge Review by Knights Archive

“Scourge is a fantastic jumping off point for anyone new to the Expanded Universe. It’s also a great book for fans wanting a great Star Wars story, but without having to rush to Wookieepedia every few minutes to look up forgotten characters and facts. Scourge has proved that there is still a place in the Expanded Universe for pure, fun Star Wars adventures.”

Scourge Review by NJOE

“Scourge is an enjoyable science fiction mystery…The fast-paced storyline hooks the audience with plenty of action as the scholarly Jedi Master and the avenging female Pantoran land (and soar) in one predicament after another. This is a fun tale with the death inquiry providing a refreshing whodunit spin to the Force.”

Scourge Review by Alternative Worlds

“…the ending is very satisfying.  There are also some twists that, if you are not paying attention, you may not see coming.  I liked this book.  If you want a book that breaks away from the norm and doesn’t rely on the movie and major EU characters, you may very well love it.”

Scourge Review by Star Wars Report

“Scourge is an excellent addition to the Expanded Universe. Jeff Grubb’s unique perspective and cast of all-new characters brings a fresh take that should please Star Wars fans. With Scourge, things are not always as they appear, and that applies to every facet of the novel.”

Scourge Review by EUCantina

“I wasn’t expecting to like Del Rey’s latest Star Wars release, Scourge by Jeff Grubb. The cover is stark..It’s set in…a period I’m not particularly familiar with. The blurb reads: In the heart of crime ridden Hutt Space, a Jedi scholar searches for justice. What it doesn’tsay is that this stand-alone novel is a page-turning murder-mystery thriller. I found it hard to put the book down until I finished it…the dialogue…[is] smart and snappy…The pacing flows well. There is plenty of action, from space battles to street fights…an entertaining read, perfect for summer like a tall drink of lemonade.”

Scourge Review by FANgirl Blog

And of course you can read our review here.


You can also check out our Reader’s Guide to Scourge for even more info on the book.

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