Take Your Child to Work Day, Star Wars Style

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So it’s Take Your Child to Work Day and everyone’s in on it, even that Galaxy Far Far Away.  In fact, we’re pretty sure they’re the ones who started it all.

Been doing it since Long Ago

A child friendly Empire supports this!

No child? No problem. Bring you best buddy!

Though some kids are better left at home

Book Review: ‘Shadowbred’ by Paul S. Kemp

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In this interesting tale of swords and sorcery, Paul S. Kemp delivers another dose of Erevis Cale that’s just as riveting and exciting as the previous novels. Erevis has already undergone his transformation into a shade, and now he must discover a new life for himself. Yet there is always some villain afoot that draws Cale back into the scheme of things. Click here to continue reading.

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Eye on the Sky: UFO Galaxy

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Captured in visible and infrared light by Hubble’s Advanced Camera for Surveys, the UFO Galaxy image (NGC 2683) is a side-on view, giving the galaxy it’s distinctive nickname.  It looks like the classic sci-fi image of an alien ship.  UFO is, like our own, a spiral galaxy, and this view of it allows astronomers to see details like dusty space lanes and clusters of young blue stars in the galaxy’s star-forming regions.

(Via NASA)

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New Star Wars Essential Guide to Characters

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There is a new Star Wars essential guide to characters in the works and Del Rey posted a little update on some of the characters who won’t be making the cut.

So many of you replied with character suggestions, and for the most part we had already included many of them, but there were some that we took a second look at and realized they should be expanded and there were others that for one reason or another we had missed and so were added. In fairness, there’s only so much room in the book and we can’t include all of the characters (sorry Jaxxon and Don-Wan Kihotay), but I’m confident we now have a solid selection from the SWEU (books, comics, games, cartoon, movies).

You can see the character suggestions that were made here. Still no word yet on what artists will be attached to the project, though we know Daniel Wallace will be writing it, or when we can expect it to be released (summer 2013 is the current target).

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Zombie Fett? Tom Taylor Talks with CNN

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Tom Taylor is still making the rounds for Blood Ties: Boba Fett is Dead #1. CNN posted this interview earlier in the week covering Boba Fett,Tom and Daniel Logan’s Twitter war, the possibility of a zombie Fett, and a cameo by Vader.

What other Star Wars favorites, if any, will put in an appearance in this book and series?

Taylor: I can tell you that Darth Vader does make an appearance amidst a whole lot of fire and explosions. Artist Chris Scalf first came to comics prominence illustrating Vader, and it’s great to see him illustrating the Sith Lord again. There’s another smaller character, too, but I don’t want to spoil that one for the readers.

You can read the full interview here.

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