Karen Marie Moning’s Fever Moon Art Revealed!

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Roughly three hours ago, Karen Marie Moning revealed a couple sneak peek pictures from her graphic novel Fever Moon. Fever Moon is set to be released July 10, 2012. The full-color graphic novel is illustrated by Al Rio and is 150+ pages.  The story features a few favorites from the Fever world, including Mac and Barrons, and will be a new original story that takes place chronologically during the events in ShadowFever.  To see the other picture revealed from Fever Moon, head on over to Karen Marie Moning’s Facebook page. You can pre-order Fever Moon online through Barnes & Noble.

Remember friends, stay to the lights…

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Roqoo Depot Canon Scale

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We here at Roqoo Depot have come to the conclusion that the current canon ratings system just isn’t cutting it. While it certainly defines levels of canonicity, it leaves much to be desired. Personally we don’t mind the official canon rating system because we’re extremely laid back and we actually realize that we are talking about an entirely fictional universe here. But to better serve our readership, we’ve designed something the fandom has been crying for: a more personalized canon list. Also because we’ve seen one too many posts that contain the words, “my personal canon” and we’re tired of seeing that. So here is the Roqoo Depot canon ratings system which should make any fan a happy camper — although we know the fandom well so we’re not quite that delusional in our expectations. Continue Reading Roqoo Depot Canon Scale…

Club Jade Interview With Jason Fry; Lightsaber Rattling Video

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Kudos to James Floyd of Club Jade for snagging this interview with Jason Fry during the Attack of the Authors Tour.  Jason talks Essential Guide to Warfare and some other stuff, including hints about a new Darth Maul project.  Also, check out the LightSaber Rattling video of Jason Fry’s appearance at Warwick’s in La Jolla, California.  Some nice info from the man himself on how he got involved in Star Wars.

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New Details on Karpyshyn’s ‘Children of Fire’

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Drew posted a new update on his website including a blurb for his upcoming original fantasy novel Children of Fire:

The Old Gods are dead, sacrificing themselves to create the Legacy: a magical barrier to protect the mortal world from the fires of Chaos and the legions of Slayer, the once mortal champion who dared to rebel against them. Now, after seven centuries, the Legacy is slowly crumbling. The Order, fanatically devoted servants of the Old Gods, seek to preserve the Legacy and thwart Slayer’s return by brutally stamping out the forces of magic and Chaos that seep into the mortal world. But Chaos cannot be controlled or contained. Across the scattered corners of the land four children are born of suffering and strife, each touched by one aspect of Slayer himself – wizard, warrior, prophet, king. Unaware of their true nature, the Children of Fire are hunted by both the religious zealots of the Order and the minions of Slayer. Cursed by their bloody, violent births, each must each do whatever it takes to survive, unaware that one of them holds the key to restoring the Legacy… or to tearing it down.

Drew gave some teasers on what to expect as well as a schedule plan for the whole series. You can read his news post here.

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Karpyshyn on Writing Games

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drewkarpyshynStewart Smith interviewed author and game writer Drew Karpyshyn for Tyler Paper. The write up covers Drew’s take on how writing in video games has improved and how it connects with the audience.

“I think once we get better at that, realizing the connections that the players feel, we’ll get better at finding ways to draw on that, to utilize that, to give you those intense but personal moments that will help you connect with the game. That is video games’ biggest advantage over, say, film or a book. Because of the interactivity you’re never going to have the depth or complexity, it’s very difficult to have that because you never know what players are going to do exactly. But the trade-off is, even though games may be lacking a bit of that, the impact of what’s happening is so much stronger.” -Drew Karpyshyn

You can read the full interview here.

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Daniel Wallace’s ‘Book of Sith’ Endnotes Part 4

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Daniel Wallace has posted part four of his endnotes for Book of Sith: Secrets from the Dark Side. Much like the endnotes for The Jedi Path, they contain fun facts from the book that readers will enjoy. You can check it out here, and if you missed it, here’s part one, part two. and part three.

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Big Shiny Robot Interviews Tom Taylor

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Big Shiny Robot posted an interview today with comic writer Tom Taylor. The interview covers Blood Ties: Boba Fett is Dead which will be out this week.

BSR!: Over the years, there have been a lot of Fett stories that were more or less standalone adventures in the classic movie era, but your Blood Ties work brings in some elements never before seen: Boba’s relationship with those who helped shape him, like his father. How do you get into the mind of one of the galaxy’s notorious bounty hunters?

Tom Taylor: Boba Fett is a man of mystery but he IS a man. We’ve seen him as a child. We know how he felt about his father. We know that he does have a sense of honor. He’s not an impenetrable bad guy or an optimistic hero. He’s not black or white, he’s a character of grays. I look at his past, I look at his future, I look at all the hits his armor has taken and I just run with it.

I don’t think you can tell a story about Boba Fett though, I think the people around him are how you tell his story because, despite his rich history, he’s still pretty impenetrable… well, impenetrable until page 1 of Boba Fett is Dead. Then he’s not impenetrable at all. He’s all full of smoking holes.

Click here to read the full interview.

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Monday Funny: Hunger Games Abridged Script

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The abridged scripts are back, and if you’ve never read one, where have you been?  District 13?

Without further ado, the Hunger Games Abridged Script from The Editing Room.

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