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Star Wars: Scourge will be out next Tuesday, and one thing that surprised me was just how much of the Expanded Universe showed up in the novel. For a first time Star Wars novelist, Jeff Grubb really showed a comfortable ease with using elements of technology, interesting species, and a wide range of Hutt lore. We here at Roqoo Depot thought it would be fun to create a reader’s guide for fans that would help prep them for reading the book. Want to know what the aliens in the book look like? How about the ships and droids? And no Hutt novel would be complete without some Huttese, so why not brush up on the lingo?

If you’re avoiding all spoilers, you’ll want to stop now. However if you don’t mind knowing what ships, species, planets, and technology show up, then follow below for our Reader’s Guide to Scourge.


Swokes Swokes

Ranging in height between 1.4-2 meters in height (4′ 7″-6′ 6″), with one to three nostrils, and two crowns of horns, the Swokes Swokes are a unique looking species. Not all members sported a tail, and their hairless skin ranged from gray to off-white with lidless blue, black, or red eyes. Their underdeveloped nervous system lacks pain receptors. The species also has the ability to regenerate body parts. A lost limb would take around 10 days to regrow.

Swokes Swokes reach adolescence at 9 years of age and become adults at 14. Their average life expectancy is 75. Growing tougher and more resilient with age, their elders are thus the hardest members of their species to kill.

Renown as ruffians, Swokes Swokes were often driven by wealth and prone to brawling. They measured their status by implanting jewelry into their bodies near vital organs. Bioscanners in buildings could detect the station of a Swokes Swokes by seeing the jewelry implanted in them.

Their religious beliefs include some strange tenets pertaining to cannibalism which could be used as a punishment. Among them it was considered a far worse punishment to be eaten by strangers than by one’s own family. Regardless, their religion centered around ancestor worship and their homeworld, Makem Te, formed a planetwide graveyard called the Tract. The Tract was so impressive to early offworld visitors that it was listed among the Twenty Wonders of the Galaxy in 10,000 BBY.

Historically they played parts in many wars: from Xim’s Empire, to the Mandalorian Wars, and Darth Revan’s Sith Empire. While loosely affiliated with the Empire both during and after the Galactic Civil War, they have mostly stayed aloof from galactic politics.


Pantorans are a blue skinned, near-Human species native to the moon Pantora. It is also common to see members of their species with yellow facial tattoos. Fans of The Clone Wars will recall Senator Riyo Chuchi (pictured above) who starred in several episodes. George Lucas himself was portrayed as a Pantoran during his brief cameo in Revenge of the Sith alongside his daughter, Katie Lucas. Both characters appeared in The Clone Wars episode “Sphere of Influence.”


Klatooinians originate from the planet Klatooine, a desert world in Hutt Space. They are also one of the three species that signed the Treaty of Vontor, thus signing themselves to unending fealty to the Hutts. They are not an advanced species and when it comes to weaponry many prefer primitive blades and slugthrowers. They reach adolescence at age 10 and become adults at age 15. Most Klatooinians reach about 89 years in age. Their height averages between 1.6 and 2 meters (5′ 3″-6′ 5″).


Vrblthers are a dangerous non-sentient predator native to the Hutt’s homeworld Varl. The species was imported to Nar Shaddaa and Nal Hutta after Varl became inhospitable. They were sometimes kept as pets by the Hutts.


The Evocii come from the planet Evocar which was unfortunately taken over by the Hutts and renamed Nal Hutta. They were relocated to Nal Hutta’s moon, Nar Shaddaa, where they were forced to build massive cities for the Hutts. Most of the species died in the construction and what members survived were left to fend for themselves in the under levels.


There are two types of Bimm, both from the planet Bimmisaari. One is a near-Human species, the other is pictured above. The two species are not cross-fertile, but they have lived in peaceful coexistence for all of their known history. It is believed that the furred Bimm naturally evolved on Bimmisaari while the near-Human Bimm arrived at some later date in ancient history. The near-Human Bimms are smaller in stature than normal Humans. They average around 1 to 1.5 meters (3′ 3″-4′ 11″) in height. The furred Bimm average around 1 to 1.6 meters (3′ 3″-5′ 2″) in height. Both species typically reach adolescence at age 13 and adulthood at 18. They have been known to live beyond 133 years in age.


Vuvrians hail from their homeworld of Vurdon Ka. They have twelve eyes, two antennae, and super sensitive skin that can actually detect changes in air temperature when another person walks into the room. As a species, they are skilled problem solvers and are often utilized in contract negotiations. They stand around 2 meters (6′ 6″) in height, reach adolescence at 12, and adulthood at 18. Their average life expectancy is around 79.


Not much is known about the Bosph. Their species comes from a world of the same name, and they are recognizable by their four arms and cranial horns. They average around 2 meters (6′ 6″) in height. Of interest is their cultural practice of tattooing star maps on their bodies to record their travels.


From Left to Right: Esral’sa’Nikto, Gluss’sa’Nikto, Kadas’sa’Nikto, Kajain’sa’Nikto, and M’shento’su’Nikto

The Nikto are one of three species that have pledged loyalty and servitude to the Hutts via the Treaty of Vontor in 25,100 BBY. The Nikto are comprised of five subspecies that all call Kintan their homeworld. The Esral’sa’Nikto are known as the mountain Nikto, with blue-gray skin, finned cheeks used for hearing and temperature control, and nose flaps for filtering dust and fumes.

The Gluss’sa’Nikto are known as the pale Nikto with skin color ranging from white to gray. They live on the Gluss’elta Archipelago shores. Like the mountain Nikto, they have fins on their cheeks, but they also have small horns surrounding their eyes.

All Niktos stand around 1.8 meters (5′ 10″) in height on average. They reach adolescence at 11 and are considered adults at age 16. Typically their lifespan lasts about 64 years in age.


Makem Te

Homeworld to the Swokes Swokes, the arid graveyard planet was also a notable world in the spice trade.

Indrexu Spiral

Known initially as the Ihala Spiral, it was later renamed after the legendary Queen of Ranroon who resisted the invasion of Xim the Despot. Formed by proto-matter, gas, comet debris, and asteroid fields, the Indrexu Spiral hindered starship travel and forced ships to take a detour in order to navigate around it.


Located in the Meridian Sector, Budpock is a long time supporter of the Alliance and New Republic. It’s also a haven for pirates.

Nar Shaddaa

More often referred to as the Smuggler’s Moon, Nar Shaddaa is a city planet much like Coruscant. The Hutts used the Evocii as slave labor to build the massive cityscapes on the moon and most died during the construction. Now a filthy, polluted imitation of Coruscant, Nar Shaddaa is home to criminals and a meeting place between Hutts and their clientele.


An arid, dusty world that was once part of Xim’s Empire. It has since become a place for geode mining.


Varl is the ancient homeworld of the Hutts. A cataclysm rendered the planet unlivable and forced the Hutts into the greater galaxy, thus precipitating their expansion into what is now Hutt Space. The Hutts do not allow visitors to their homeworld and it has remained uninhabited.


Suwantek TL-1200 freighter

Length: 52 meters (170′)
Armament: 2 quad laser cannon turrets, 2 ion cannon turrets, 2 concussion missile launchers, one tractor beam
Crew: 6 (minimum 1 pilot)
Cargo: can carry up to 100 passengers and 150 metric tons of cargo

Intercept/Reconnaissance/Defense ‘IRD’ starfighter

Length: 8.5 meters (27′)
Armament: 2 medium blaster cannons
Crew: 1 pilot

‘Resolute’ Invincible-class dreadnaught heavy cruiser

Length: 2,011 meters (1.25 miles)
Armament: 6 concussion missile tubes, 12 turbolaser cannons, 30 quad laser cannons, 6 tractor beams
Crew: 23,014 crewmen, 114 gunners (minimum 12,795)
Cargo: 6,000 passengers/troops and 700 metric tonnes

Ghtroc 720 light freighter

Length: 38 meters (124′)
Armament: double laser cannon
Crew: 1-2
Cargo: 135 metric tons

Corellian Engineering Corporation YV-100 light freighter

Length: 46.5 meters (152′)
Armament: 2 fire-linked laser cannons, 2 fire-linked blaster cannons
Crew: 3 (minimum 2)
Cargo: 10 passengers and 150 metric tons

Ubrikkian space yacht

Length: 160 meters (524′)
Armament: 6 turbolasers

‘Barabi Run’ Mobquet medium transport

Length: 113 meters (370′)
Crew: 2
Cargo: 24 passengers and 700 tons of cargo


H-3PO protocol droid

H-3PO protocol droids are part of the 3PO series built by Cybot Galactica. However, unlike the normal 3PO models, the H-3PO had more advanced sensors and communication systems.

CLL-6 worker droids

The CLL-6 is a binary loadlifter droid manufactured by Cybot Galactica. Due to the limited processor capability of the model, the droid can only take instructions in Binary. It is also one of the oldest and simplest droid models in the galaxy and often participated in the Nuna-ball leagues.

Ancient Hutt War Droids

Before the Hutts enslaved other species to do their bidding, they relied on droids such as the Hutt security droid and Hutt war droid as seen above.

ASP-series droids

Asp droids are general purpose labor droids manufactured by Industrial Automaton. They possess very limited computing power and can only say “affirmative” and “negative.” They stand at 1.6 meters (5′ 2″) in height.


Angela Krin

Vago Gejalli (feminine Hutt)

Zonnos Anjiliac (masculine Hutt)

Mika Anjiliac (masculine Hutt)

Lungru Nokko (feminine Hutt) and Kir Sesad (male Cerean)

Parella the Hunter (masculine Hutt)

Popara Anjiliac (masculine Hutt)


Waajo koosoro: Have you brought it?

Bargon u noa-a-uyat che tah guma: Your services will be rewarded (the Hutt equivalent of “thank you”)

Uba sanuba charra mon: You said you would be coming alone

Ma Lorda: My lord

Imru ootmian: Wandering outlander

Chowbaso: Welcome

Dobra grandio Ma Lorda: I am honored my lord

Bargon u noa-a-uyat: You will be rewarded

Jopando ki fofun: Information is like fruit

Jeedai: Jedi

Gijee bo mabonna matah: Gentlebeings and fellow sentients

Chowbaso padunky: Welcome to my home

Gah ja boftah: He is getting soft

Wundara Nar Shaddaa seetazz: Attention citizens of Nar Shaddaa

Hagwa doopee: Don’t move

Ap-xmasi keepun: Don’t shoot (x’s are pronounced as a wet kissing sound)

Relaj ba preesen: Free the prisoner

Jee gah plogoon du bunky dunko: You are a plague on my house

Tatammo nar shaggan: A time before we had servants

Respoonda: Responsible

Gon kodowin pumba mallin: Your efforts were sufficient

Je: I
Uba: You
Bargon: Bargain
Guma: Service
Bunky dunko: Home/House
Dobra: I am
Grandio: Glorious/Honored
Hagwa: Don’t
Doopee: Move
Kickeeyuna: Anybody
Je: Me
Du: A/From
Killee: Kill

For more on Huttese, be sure to check out The Complete Wermo’s Guide to Huttese. Credits for the information in this guide go out to Wookieepedia, Tempest Feud, Star Wars: The Essential Atlas, and Star Wars: Ultimate Alien Anthology.

Posted By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot. We have Hutts on the brain.


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  1. Awesome work on this! Bravo

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