Review- Star Wars Dawn of the Jedi #3

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Force storms have struck Tython and things are really starting to heat up in the newest issue of Dawn of the Jedi.  After the break my wife and I tackle the newest issue and share our thoughts on the beginnings of the Jedi Order!


MrsCorax: So, can I just start this off by saying that I could probably sum up this issue in one word: intense! The issue starts with a face-off between Xesh and the three Je’daii Journeyers; it’s epic to say the least…

Corax: I think epic is almost an understatement for what transpires in the battle.  The young Je’daii are very shocked by Xesh’s force saber; but at the same time they don’t think it is a match for their Madog steel blades.

MrsCorax: Boy were they wrong too; that force saber sliced right through Sek’nos and Shae’s blades like a knife to butter – nothing to it. It’s really cool to see the reaction on the two Je’daii’s faces when he slices through their blades with a sizzle. Meanwhile, poor Tasha’s knocked out from Xesh’s “force push.” I call it this because I’m not sure what else to call it… First there’s a little bit of force lightning but when he actually “pushes” her there is no lightning. So, “force push” sounds appropriate.

Corax: I agree, I think the lightning might have been there to represent the anger flowing through Xesh at the moment of attack.  It’s extremely obvious that the three Je’daii are clearly outmatched by Xesh and his skills; and it’s demonstrated when Xesh easily stops Sek’nos’ lightning ball.  For me the battle clearly draws out the age old question of is the dark side stronger?  We are presented with three characters that fight with a perfect ‘balance’ within the Force and Xesh’s Dark Side use is overpowering them.

MrsCorax: I don’t know if I really think that the Dark Side is stronger, but I do think that Xesh is farther advanced technologically. However, I could be wrong. I thought it was really interesting when Xesh told Shae she couldn’t use the force saber, she lit it up like it was nothing. I wonder if in the next issue we’ll see the Je’daii trying to figure out what the force saber is and how to harness its energy to improve on their own weaponry. Also, I must admit that when Butch got burned by the acid I felt really bad; I may have a soft spot in my heart for a certain scary-looking rancor dragon…

Corax: I find it very interesting that Shae was able to use the force saber.  Considering that she is Dathomiri I’m left wondering if her use of the Dark Side to activate the blade is a subtle hint of the Nightsisters of Dathomir that will appear millenia  later.

MrsCorax: Oh, I didn’t think of that! Can I just say that I think Tasha is a little whiny? I kind of understand why Shae calls her “Princess” all the time. She almost seems too dainty to be a Je’daii, worrying about her clothes getting dirty and having bleeding bumps and scrapes. I’d probably call her a Princess too even if she wasn’t a royal descendant. However, I give her credit for “putting on her big girl pants” and heading off to find Xesh; there’s a problem with this, however, because Xesh is now at the bottom of the Abyss of Ruh. We know what happens when they travel into the abyss: Je’daii get a little dark and crazy. Speaking of dark and crazy, can I just admit that I’m starting to get a bit antsy to see what the deal is with the last couple issues going straight to Daegen Lok at the end? What’s going on with this?! I foresee something huge happening with him, but as you all know I’m impatient and I’m having a hard time waiting to see exactly what this something is.

Corax: I really believe that Daegan Lok will play a vital role in the upcoming Force War; but seeing him on Bogan overlooking everything definitely ques the ominous music in my head as I read these comics.  I feel that overall this was a very solid story and the artwork is once again top notch and I’m eagerly awaiting the next issue.  With all of the solid work being produced by John and Jan we give this issue a 5 out of 5 brass bikinis:

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