More Hutt Please: ‘Scourge’ Giveaways Continue!

April 17, 2012 at 12:10 am | Posted in Contest, Site News, Star Wars Books, Star Wars News | 28 Comments
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It’s Day 2 of Hutt Week and today we have two copies of Jeff Grubb’s Scourge to giveaway. Once again contestants can only enter once and must reside in the United States (sorry, no international shipping).

Now Scourge isn’t just about Hutts. It also stars an awesome Jedi named Mander Zuma. To enter today’s contest, just leave a comment below saying who your favorite Jedi is. One winner will be chosen at random and announced tomorrow. You have all day today to enter.

We will also give an instant win to the first person to name the one and only Jedi Hutt in the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Just post the Hutt’s name below, and if you’re first, you win!

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  1. The only hutt jedi, that we know of, was named Beldorion, from Planet of Twilight.
    Incidentally, my favorite jedi is Kit Fisto

  2. Stang. Beldorian. How is it that when I troll around all night, someone gets their first. My favorite jedi is Oteg

  3. Congratulations Charlie! You’re the instant winner!

  4. Ganner Rhysode

  5. Kyp Durron

  6. Yoda.

  7. Mars jade is my favour jerk. Just encompasses all the complexities of good and bad and the battle within.

  8. Jaden Korr

  9. @Donmax, clearly the troll is not strong with you :)
    @Charlie Korb, congrats on the fast win. Nicely done.

    My favorite Jedi is Vergere, and if she doesn’t count (for having been questionably aligned…although…did that ever get settled really?) then I’d have to say Bazel Warv for his amazing final stand against the Lost Tribe at the occupied Jedi temple in Apocalypse. That scene brought tears to my eyes which hasn’t happened from reading a SWEU book since Chewie died.

  10. Has to be the Masterless Chiss padawan, Nuru Kungurama. Totally cool character!

  11. Quinlan Vos

  12. Kerra Holt. You got to be pretty awesome to take on an entire Sith family. I need more stories with her!

  13. My favorite Jedi is Raven because he embodies true selfless service and sacrifice for the better good.

  14. Obi-Wan Kenobi — naturally

  15. I just had to plug Obi-Wan even though I cannot win the contest :)

  16. My favorite Jedi is The Sword of the Jedi, Jaina Solo.

  17. My favorite Jedi is Obi-Wan Kenobi. Beldorion was the only Jedi trained Hutt.

  18. Kyp Durron

  19. Mace Windu

  20. Bardan Jusik!
    Jedi Knight who turned Mandalorian. So badass.

  21. Kyle Katarn

  22. My favorite is Yoda.

  23. Yoda

  24. Kyp Durron best bet!

  25. Ben Skywalker. I think we need some detective stories with him at the helm

  26. My favorite Jedi Is Tahiri Veila.

  27. I am rather old school – my favorite jedi is Alec Guiness.

  28. Ben Skywalker. He’s got the lineage, and he will become awesome in his own right!

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