‘Obsessed with Star Wars’ Review

April 12, 2012 at 12:09 am | Posted in Reviews, Star Wars Books | 2 Comments

In my experience, Star Wars fans are some of the most dedicated people out there. From memorizing the lines in all six films to creating movie-ready costumes, Star Wars fans have done it all. It’s because of their passion that the franchise has been (and continues to be) successful for the last 35 years. Whether you’ve been supporting George Lucas and his galaxy far, far away since 1977, or you’re just getting into this sci-fi classic, Obsessed with Star Wars is a must-have book for you.

Written by Benjamin Harper (a die-hard fan since 1977) this book features 2,500 trivia questions about all six Star Wars movies. There are about 416 questions on each individual film. Topics include movie quotes, visual details, behind-the-scenes tidbits and more. Obsessed with Star Wars isn’t just a trivia book; it’s also a game. In the bottom right-hand corner of the book is an embedded ‘module’ that will randomly choose questions and keep the score for you. Having a Star Wars party? Pull this book out and test everyone’s knowledge on the movies. For an even cooler experience, I suggest watching all six movies (one-by-one) and then reviewing the individual questions for each film. This is also a great book to help introduce new fans. People have a tendency to become passionate when competition is involved, so if you show a ‘newbie’ fan all the films followed by a round of trivia, they’re sure to be pumped and ready to delve fully into the Star Wars universe. My own mother (who hasn’t seen all six films yet!) said that she wanted to watch all of them now, just so she could beat me at Obsessed with Star Wars. ‘Playing’ the book will even reinvigorate older fans’ passion for Star Wars. You’ll be asking yourself, “Why did I get that question wrong? What’s the true answer?” and suddenly you’ll find yourself calling in sick at work so you can enjoy an all day Star Wars marathon.

In conclusion, I myself have really enjoyed this book and it has actually taught me that I might need to brush up on my Star Wars knowledge. There are questions that could get even the most die-hard fan stumped. I’ve even learned new things about the movies, such as visual details I should look out for when re-watching the films.

Since Obsessed with Star Wars was published back in 2008, I would really love to see an updated version including trivia from the Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV series and maybe the Expanded Universe. The Star Wars franchise has a lot to offer, and with so much knowledge out there relating to Star Wars, you could really create what seems like an endless amount of trivia books. If Benjamin Harper isn’t able to do another book like this, I would like to see the awesome people at Wookieepedia.com give it a go and maybe create a ‘fan’ trivia book…

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  2. 12 times in the theater and that was only in the USA. Read the books and purchased as much memorabilia as i could. Star Wars fan 4ever!!!

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