The Star Wars Rundown from Del Rey

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The Del Rey Star Wars team posted some interesting news on their Star Wars Books’ Facebook page giving a rundown of what they’ve been up to. There’s a good amount of info, so follow the break for all the details.

From time to time we’re going to update you on some of what is happening behind the scenes in the Del Rey offices for the Star Wars Expanded Universe books you love. While we can’t reveal all the details and everything we’re busy working on, we hope that these brief notes will keep you satisfied in knowing that we’re working hard to keep publishing the best Star Wars book and stories we can. So here’s a bit of what we were up to last week (ES):
• Full Del Rey Star Wars editorial staff meeting to review and discuss the outline for an eagerly anticipated new duology.
• Frank Parisi edited a post FotJ Apocalypse short story featuring a fan favorite couple. The story will appear in SW Insider #134. Also brainstormed future SW Insider short story ideas and authors with editor-at-large Shelly Shapiro and editor Erich Schoeneweiss.
• We geeked out about the Maul/Obi-Wan duel in the season finale of The Clone Wars
• Erich worked on editing new material from author Pablo Hidalgo for The Essential Reader’s Companion as well as coordinating art assignments for a new artist who has joined the book (will reveal soon).
• Read the newest issues of Dark Horse’s Dawn of the Jedi and Crimson Empire 3 comics (we’re big fans of the DH comics)
• Cover art director Scott Biel and artist Paul Youll worked on the characters that will appear on the back cover of Tim Zahn’s new novel, Star Wars: Scoundrels. Scott also hired a new cover artist for one of our 2013 books.
• Frank started a new SWEU project with an author who is new to the GFFA (and a big fan!)
• Big staff meeting with publicity and marketing to work on finalizing our plans and promotional material for SDCC, CVI, and NYCC this year.
• We all had a blast reading the great entries that were submitted for Club Jade’s “Something big is coming from Del Rey… Let’s snark!” post. Yes fan sites, we read your posts.
• Discussed how we can get wampas into every one of our books (this is Frank’s current obsession).

The “eagerly anticipated new duology” is most likely Paul S. Kemp’s unnamed duology (book one should come out early next year). The post-FOTJ “fan favorite couple” sounds like a shoe-in for a Jag-Jaina short story. As for everything else, we’ll have to wait and see.

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