The Essential Reader’s Companion Date Change

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Pablo Hidalgo’s Star Wars: The Essential Reader’s Companion has been pushed back to October 2, 2012 (was August 21). According to Star Wars Books, this is to allow the artists time to complete the 100 plus painted scenes and nearly 50 character portraits. If the art is as good as the pieces in The Essential Guide to Warfare, then it’ll definitely be worth the wait.

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Win the Ultimate Dave Dorman Experience

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Star Wars artist Dave Dorman is running the ultimate fan contest. Six lucky winners will not only get to meet Dave, but hang out with him for the day and watch him paint. One of the winners will get the painting. Plus if any of the winners are artist, Dave offered to review their portfolios and give them advice. Check out Dave’s blog for all the details.

Dave will also be doing an art show in Chicago from April 6th-30th called Pi Ala Mode: A Tentacley Delicious Feast with Delightful Amuse-Bouches. If you’re in town for C2E2, don’t forget to stop by and check out the exhibit.

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Production Notes for ‘Knights of the Old Republic: War #3’

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John Jackson Miller has posted the production notes for Knights of the Old Republic: War #3 on his site Faraway Press. John makes an interesting comparison between Dorjander Kace and real life historical figure John Brown. He also points out that this adventure for Zayne is his Jedi trial: a test to see if he can triumph on his own. As usual, John includes some fun trivia. It’s worth checking out.

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Star Wars Celebration VI Artists

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News is starting to pour out for Star Wars Celebration VI artists. Many have already posted on Facebook such as Joe Corroney, Dave Dorman, Jan Durrsema, Brian Rood, and Chris Trevas. TheForce.Net has also mentioned some other artists who’ll be attending. Randy Stradley also mentioned that Doug Wheatley has been accepted for the CVI Art Show. Looks like it’s going to be a pretty good turn out.

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MintInBox Interview with Chris Trevas

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MintInBox.Net posted an interview with Star Wars artist Chris Trevas. The interview covers Chris’ background, how he got started in Star Wars, his techniques, his favorite project, and a wide range of other topics. It’s a fairly long interview and worth checking out. There are also plenty of pictures to go along with the interview.

Do you have any preferred artist amongst others? Maybe a specific illustration of him?

CT: Ralph McQuarrie and Drew Struzan were my two biggest influences starting out as an artist. I grew up admiring their work as a Star Wars fan and I’ve been fortunate to meet them both during my career. All my friends in the Star Wars art community continue to inspire me as well.

Click here to read the full interview.

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