Recap of Troy Denning’s Book Tour Stop at Carmel, ID

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Over on The Galactic Drift, Racheal A. recounted Troy Denning’s visit to the Barnes & Noble in Carmel, ID. This was the second stop on Troy Denning’s Apocalypse Book Tour, and the article recounts some of the comments Troy made to different questions, as well as an impression of the general experience. As a bonus, there’s also a video at the end so you can watch the event.

A question arose about the Legacy comics and if Denning and the others felt pressure from the events. While there’s a good chance that the books will eventual lead to that point, Denning stated that the authors and editorial staff are “trying to make the journey of how we get there interesting.”

He used the example of Jagged Fel, whom the Legacy comics revealed to be an emperor. There are things they want Jag to do before that happens.

For the record, Denning said that he didn’t know if he’d be involved or what was happening next in the EU.

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Sam Witwer on Fictional Frontiers

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Suvudu has posted a 15 minutes Fictional Frontiers segment with Sam Witwer. The audio interview covers Sam’s work on Being Human and The Clone Wars. Click here to listen to it.

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Comic Reviews: ‘KOTOR – War #3’ & ‘Agent of the Empire #4’

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Yesterday Knights of the Old Republic: War #3 and Agent of the Empire: Iron Eclipse #4 hit stores. Today we have the reviews. First up, our review of KOTOR: War #3 and Zayne’s delicate juggle between his homeworld and Mandalorian overlords. Click here to read the full review.

Next up, our review of Agent of the Empire: Iron Eclipse #4. With only one more issue in the first arc of this brand new series, is Agent of the Empire #4 up for the challenge? Click here to read our review and find out.

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