Databurst From the 501st

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Latest Databurst From the 501st covering event news from March 7-13th. Be sure to mark your calendars and show support for your local garrisons.

March 9

  • Great Lakes Garrison will be in Detroit, MI for the Detroit Symphony Orchestra Concert, and in White Lake, MI for the Houghton Elementary Carnival.

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‘Game of Thrones’ DVD-Blu-Ray Release

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Today’s the day Game of Thrones is released on DVD and Blu-ray.  Retailing around $60 for DVD and $80 for Blu-ray is it worth it?  Well, the plot and the acting are both good, and HBO has thrown in the obligatory extras which include (among other things) audio commentaries and character profiles.  In addition, the Blu-ray has a bit more than the DVD, like dragon eggs.

There’s a caution that this isn’t for the little folk, but if you’ve read the books, that’s kind of a no-brainer.

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New Clone Wars: Brothers Clip

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Coming Soon has a new clip from the Brothers episode of Star Wars The Clone Wars courtesy of Lucas Film.  You can view it here.  This just gets curiouser and curiouser.  And what is Mother Talzin’s plan in all this?

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DK Reveals Some New Star Wars Books

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DK has revealed some details on some upcoming Star Wars releases in their Fall 2012 catalog.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Encyclopedia

Since its release in 2011, the massively multiplayer online role playing game Star Wars: The Old Republic has captivated thousands of gamers and Star Wars fans alike. Now comes the ultimate in-depth guide to the turbulent and fascinating world featured in the game – The Old Republic.

Created in full coloration with LucasArts, this in-depth companion covers the spectrum of characters, weapons, vehicles, events, and planets of Star Wars: The Old Republic. More than just an encyclopedia, it is the ultimate guided tour of the dangerous and mysterious universe found in a galaxy far, far away. Continue Reading DK Reveals Some New Star Wars Books…

Prophets of Science Fiction

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Tonight on the Science Channel the eighth and final episode of Ridley Scott’s Prophets of Science Fiction airs.  And who better for the finale than the man who created the galaxy…the galaxy far far away, that is.

George Lucas
Premiere: Wednesday, March 7 at 10PM e/p
From Luke Skywalker’s light sabre to Darth Vader’s Death Star, the Star Wars franchise is one of the defining science fiction works of the later 20th century. George Lucas’ prolific imagination has already inspired two generations of scientists and engineers to push the envelope of technology. By introducing computers into the filmmaking process, he changed the way movies are made, and the way we all see the future.

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Ashley Eckstein on Cosplay and Fan Culture

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Ashley Eckstein posted an interesting article on CNN’s Geek Out Blog that talks about cosplay and fan culture. She makes a very interesting comparison between fans who cosplay and sports fans who dress up for their favorite sports teams. You can read the full article here.

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New Release: ‘Crimson Empire III – Empire Lost #5’

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Dark Horse Comics has one new Star Wars release this week: Crimson Empire III – Empire Lost #5 (of 6).

Kir Kanos, the last surviving member of the Emperor’s Royal Guard, finds himself teamed with his former enemy Mirith Sinn on a mission for the New Republic. But their secret parley with an Imperial representative becomes an ambush from which some will not return! Meanwhile, the Imperial hardliners reveal their true target!

Click here for a four page preview.

Writer: Mike Richardson

Artist: Paul Gulacy

Colorist: Michael Bartolo

Cover Artist: Dave Dorman

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