Happy Birthday, Ewan McGregor

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Dave Dorman ‘PI a la mode’ One Man Show Catalogue

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Star Wars artist Dave Dorman is offering pre-orders for his his Dave Dorman “PI a la mode” One Man Show Catalog. Dave has an art show coming up next month, and this catalog will commemorate the event by featuring each piece that will be on display as well as information each one.

“I have produced many new peices for this show never before seen or in print. Many of your favorite characters, including Aliens, Predator, Captain America, Darth Vader, are also amongst the select pieces from my personal collection.” -Dave Dorman

The 24 page, full color catalog will also be signed and numbered (limited to 250 copies). It’s running at $20 (plus $5 S&H). If you order before April 2nd, Dave is including a signed show poster and postcard.

For more details or to place your order, head on over to Dave’s blog.

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Daniel Wallace’s ‘Book of Sith’ Endnotes Part 3

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Daniel Wallace has posted part three of his endnotes for Book of Sith: Secrets from the Dark Side. Much like the endnotes for The Jedi Path, they contain fun facts from the book that readers will enjoy. You can check them out here, and if you missed it, here’s part one and part two.

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Last Chance for the Ultimate Dave Dorman Experience

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Star Wars artist Dave Dorman is running the ultimate fan contest. Six lucky winners will not only get to meet Dave, but hang out with him for the day and watch him paint. One of the winners will get the painting, and everyone will get a free artist’s proof by Dave. Plus if any of the winners are an artist, Dave has offered to review their portfolios and give them advice. Check out Dave’s blog for all the details.

Right now Dave is auctioning off the last three spots with Buy It Now options, so hurry on over to eBay to get your seat while it lasts (Auction #4, Auction #5, and Auction #6)

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‘Scourge’ Mini-excerpt #5

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Star Wars Books has posted mini-excerpt #5 for Jeff Grubb’s upcoming novel Star Wars: Scourge.

“I am Mander Zuma,” Mander said in Huttese, “If you are Mika the Hutt, I should tell you that your father is concerned.”

“I am Mika Anjilliac,” said the young Hutt in educated, precise Basic. “My father has every right to have been concerned. Welcome to ground zero for the Endregaad plague.”

Scourge will be out on April 24th. You can check out the previous mini-excerpts here: #1, #2, #3, and #4, plus the Random House excerpt.

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Bring Home Darth Malgus

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Sideshow Collectibles has the ultimate Darth Malgus item…a life-size figure. That’s right, for just $5,999.99 you can buy a 1:1 scale Darth Malgus. Sideshow is even offering payment plans, so if you’re even thinking about turning to the dark side, now is your chance.

If you’re like me and cannot afford a Star Wars item that costs as much as slightly used sports car, then you can drool over the pictures featured on Sideshow Collectibles’ website. Click here to check out the pics and details.

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Tosche Station #10: It’s A Trope!

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It’s a trope!

Things get meta this week on Tosche Station Radio as Brian and Nanci dive into some of the great literary devices and themes that define Star Wars.

First up on Fixer’s Flash, Nanci plugs a Clone Wars season four roundtable she participated on over at Club Jade. She also got a glimpse at the upcoming Essential Guide to Warfare, which made Brian very jealous. Brian, on the other hand, is back into reading Marvel’s Civil War comics and is waiting for things to go horribly, horribly wrong with all of the characters he has grown fond of. He also admits he’s a sucker for musicals. Both the hosts briefly discuss some fanfiction projects that they’re in the process of wrapping up.

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Star Wars Celebration VI Art Show Artists Announced

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StarWars.com has revealed a list of 40 artists who will be at the Art Show at Star Wars Celebration VI in Orlando, FL this year. Each artist will have exclusive new Star Wars prints on display. Here’s the list… Continue Reading Star Wars Celebration VI Art Show Artists Announced…

New Cover for ‘X-Wing: Mercy Kill’

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Star Wars Books has posted a new cover image for X-Wing: Mercy Kill. Check it out.

Here is the old cover for comparison. Continue Reading New Cover for ‘X-Wing: Mercy Kill’…

Databurst From the 501st

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Latest Databurst From the 501st covering event news from March 28th through April 4th. Be sure to mark your calendars and show support for your local garrisons.

March 29

  • Southern California Garrison will be in Carlsbad, CA for the VIP unveiling of the new Lego Walk of Fame.

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