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Straight from Random House, we have two signed copies of Fate of the Jedi: Apocalypse to give away! Each hardback book is signed by Aaron Allston, Troy Denning, and Christie Golden (pictures below). We will be running two contests with a winner announced each Monday before Apocalypse‘s release (March 13). In order to win you must reside in the continental United States or be willing to pay for the extra shipping costs. Shipping will be free to anyone within the continental US.

Rules for the first contest will be simple: simply leave a comment on this post saying which FOTJ book so far is your favorite (make sure to fill out the email field so we can contact you if you win and to use a unique screen name). We will randomly select a winner on Monday, March 5th. If you don’t win, stay tuned because we’ll announce the rules for the second contest on Tuesday with one more chance to win an autographed copy of FOTJ: Apocalypse. Both books will be sent out to the winners on March 13th.

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  1. Hey Guys,
    Love the series!!!!
    My Favorite book so far since I have yet to read the last in the series would have to be Vortex. The Battle of Jedi Masters was unbelievable!!!!

  2. I haven’t read any of the FOTJ books. I want to and you can make that happen!

  3. Vortex is my favorite, since it was the book that finally kickstarted this series.

  4. I did enjoy FOTJ Omen the most mainly because of the Sith culture.

  5. So far Vortex is the one that has left me the most jaw dropped in awesomeness. I’m looking forward to the end!

  6. I loved Conviction. The trap that Abeloth laid out for the Jedi in the form of a human bomb, was so stupidly brilliant. It took Palpatine decades to eradicate the Order. She ALMOST wiped them out in a few minutes.

  7. I like them all, but would have to pick “Omen”.

  8. Really enjoyed Vortex – can’t wait for the end of the series! :)

  9. I’ve enjoyed them all, but Omen and Vortex are a couple that stand out the most for me. Really I love any of the SWEU that fleshes out the Sith a bit more rather than just, “They’re the bda guys. We have to kill them.”

  10. I thought Vortex was fantastic – it felt very cinematic during the final third of that novel – I could hear the ANH soundtrack going through my head while reading it. It also includes the death of a long-running character. Denning, as always, knocks it out of the park!

  11. My personal favourite was ‘Ascension’.

  12. My favorite is probably Vortex

  13. Vortex is my favorite, I couldn’t put it down. Great book!

  14. I loved all the books in FotJ. It was great to see how the Lost Tribe evolved with each book (As well as in the Lost Tribe stories) I can’t wait for Apocalypse, and see what happens.

  15. My favorite so far has been Vortex…but I have a feeling Apocalypse will be even better!

  16. Definitely Vortex for me. Lots of thrills and plot movement.

  17. My favorite was Ascension! It has had me drooling in anticipation of Apocalypse! So many interesting plots leading in to the finale!

  18. Favorite so far was abyss, I Loved the mind drinker/ walker stuff.

  19. I haven’t read any book of the series but winning this book will make me buy and read the series!!!

  20. I must admit that I loved Conviction and Omen. They are all good, but for some reason those two come to mind.

  21. Ascension! It was very exciting with tremendous build up for the final show down. I can’t wait for more!! Each book in the series has been preordered for my kindle, I’d love a hard copy.

  22. Ascension! It was very exciting with tremendous build up for the final show down. I can’t wait for more!! Each booking the series has been preordered for my kindle, I’d love a hard copy.

  23. This is a tough question. Which book is my favorite? To me they are all wonderful but I would say Abyss. The revolution of the Mind-Drinkers was epic. A second Center Point Station. Then the Sith attack. Wow what a book.

  24. Abyss was easily my favorite so far because of the conversation with Jacen and Anakin Solo. Hands down my best for that reason alone. Though i hope the finale tops it.

  25. Ascension was my favorite. Each new twist just made the book more and more exciting! And I can’t wait for Apocalypse!

  26. I really liked Backlash. Aaron Allston FTW!

  27. Abyss and Vortex have my been my two favorites so far. Abyss was just so different, and both showed excellent action bits on the part of the Coruscant stationed characters. Something severly lacking to date. Of the two, I believe Vortex would be my absolute favorite, but that’s still a hard one. I greatly enjoyed both. :)

  28. I would have to say that I loved Vortex the most due to the excitement and sadness involved with Kenth Hamner’s death. Kinda moved me actually

  29. I absolutely love this series! Ascension was definitely my favorite yet. Vestara has made it into my top 5 favorite sweu character list after this book for sure.

  30. I really liked Vortex. I really enjoyed the prison breakout scene, one of my favorite scenes in recent EU.

  31. I hope I don’t come across as a “me too”, but I enjoyed Vortex. During the Horn kids’ breakout, when the bomb goes off and Han thinks he’s lost Leia was stellar. While I felt confident that there was no way they would kill off another major character, I was hooked on those few pages.

    After that, maybe Abyss? Seeing Luke get his butt kicked was fun. :)

  32. Outcast has been my favorite so far! The end where Ben sings that song while on helium cracks me up every time I read it.

  33. Ascension has to be my favorite one so far just the build up to the finally is incredible.

  34. The whole story has really been a great one. Can’t wait for Apocolypse

  35. My favorite so far has been Outcast.

  36. I’d have to go with Abyss as my favorite.

  37. I think each one has been great so it’s hard to pick just one. I liked Vortex I guess.

  38. Gonna have to go with “Vortex”. The fight between Kenth Hamner and Saba Sebatyne was epic, intense, and emotional. Two powerful Jedi Masters, both believing in the rightness of their positions, going head to head. Brilliantly done.

  39. all of them but my favorite is the last two Ascencion and Apocolypse

  40. My favorite book is Backlash because of the verbal sparring between Ben Skywalker and Vestara Khai.

  41. I have loved the whole series, but so far Ascension is the best, as it really sets the stage for the Jedi Order to hit the Sith lords as they wish with no governmental interference, and I am waiting to see the final resolution of Abeloth.

  42. Backlash is my fav – really sucked me in and was a page-turner.

  43. I liked Conviction the best. Daala finally being deposed as leader of the GFFA (never liked her in charge of the galaxy!!)

  44. Outcast, enjoy the start of a new series and enjoyed the different take on the stance of the Jedi’s and how they go about acting as peacekeepers.

  45. Vortex was my favorite so far, nice balance and the flow of the book felt very film like.

  46. My favorite in the series was Outcast. It set up a fantastic and entirely unique story-line without narrowing the possibilities of either the characters or the plot.

  47. Vortex is my favorite.

  48. Conviction because of two words: Boba Fett. Loved his appearance and breaking Daala out of prison…One of my faves…

  49. I love this series and the previous series. I have been telling everyone I know how awesome these books are and how deeply philosophical and action-packed exciting they are at the same time. I love it! I WISH I had hardbound copies of my own. So far I have just been signing them out of my local library multiple times to keep re-reading them. It is so hard to wait for the library to get them on the shelves!

  50. My favorite FOTJ is Outcast. I know that Luke Skywalker with his son Ben to embark an adventure to find out what has caused the rift in Jedi Order, in Republic surrounding the death of Jacen Solo (aka Darth Caedus). If Chief of State Natasi Daala really understood the concept of the Jedi Order, the surroundings, the threat and surroundings of Sith, she would understand clearly why Luke failed to prevent Jacen from dark side. She would not have to arrest Luke after all and let things smoothly towards peace.

  51. I loved the end of Ascension where Abeloth reveals herself – I just sat for a couple of seconds saying ‘wow – didn’t see THAT coming’ !

  52. My favorite was definitely Allies!

  53. My favorite was Ascension because of the all the elements developed throughout FOTJ finally coming together.

  54. I loved Abyss really getting into the minds of the characters and seeing the results of what could be depending on the outcome of Apocolypse.

  55. I enjoyed Vortex the best, I can’t wait to finish the series and see where in the galaxy we go next!

  56. Have to admit Omen is my favorite. Delving into the Sith culture of old was fascinating.

  57. I loved Ascension! Only Luke Skywalker would GIVE Coruscant to the Sith just so he could come back and take it from them!

  58. As an avid Star Wars fan, I have to say I love them all, but my favorite so far has to be Abyss! Between the new inforamtion on the Lost tribe of Sith,Abeloth, the mysterious Force Psychosis, and the spirits who appered during the Mind Walking, I was on a non-stop reading binge for 3 days! An Excellent work of art. Abyss just seemed to set up all the important story arts in the series that would come to fruition later. Great job Denning! Vortex and Allies were close 2nd and 3rds! Congrats to all the authors on this awesome series, you guys are restoring Balance to the Force!

  59. Oops…are finally coming together

  60. My favorite is Vortex.

  61. I love the whole series!

  62. Omen was my favorite so far. Love the details about the sith.

  63. My favorite so far is Ascension

  64. Favorite is VORTEX! Love the Star Wars series!

  65. Omen

  66. My favorite so far was Abyss. It was quite a departure from every other Star Wars novel I’ve ever read.

  67. The first book Outcast by far. All the emotions surrounding the trial and banishment of Luke just made for an awesome book.

  68. There is no way i could pick just one. They are all really good, the best series yet. i can’t what till march 13 for Apocalypse. from the hole planet of Sith to the battle between Father and Daughter, to the battle between Jedi Masers.

  69. I like omen but then again i like them all very interesting series so far.

  70. I love the whole series but my favorite would have to be Omen.

  71. I love these books! I really love the story and I can’t wait for the final book! My favorite one is Omen, since it gave a lot of info about the Sith and I like the way that the story went. Great job authors!

  72. My favorite of the first eight has been Allies.

  73. Ascension is definitely my favorite so far, I am very much the type of person to love sequels when they come out more and more because they elaborate more on the story that I love so much. I can’t wait to read the finale in just a few weeks !

  74. I loved the Abyss book, it opened up so much. Especially bringing back old characters such as Anakin, Jacen Solo (AKA Darth Caedus) and most definitely Mara Jade Skywalker. And what got me loving the book was how it showed Luke Skywalker’s formidable abilities against the Sith while so incredibly drained. You guys brought out the deep cunning of the Sith of the Lost Tribe and Abeloth and the bad ass part of Luke Skywalker! I have been waiting for this book for a long time and look forward to it!

  75. I’d have to say Backlash is my favorite. The Night Sisters have always intrigued me…but the duel between Masters Saba and Hamner is a very close second.

  76. Abyss is defiantly my favorite!

  77. I haven’t started reading the FOTJ series, currently on Fury in the Legacy series, but collecting Fate novels as they are released. I’ve enjoyed the writing immensely and would love a signed copy for my collection.

  78. Backlash is my favorite book so far . Lukes battle with the Witchs of Dathomir is amazingly written . Plus the tension building between Ben and the best lines of the book series “The Sith leader’s voice was cultured , surprisingly pleasant ” You are Grand Master Luke Skywalker.” Look nodded .” My son, Ben. Our friend Dyon Stad.” I am Lord Viun Gaalan , the last man you will ever meet. Much admiration will be accorded to me for killing Luke Skywalker.Especially by the family of lady Rhea , whom you slew .” Luke shook his head.” No ,you aren’t , and no , it won’t. “

  79. So excited to see the Apocalypse! Favorite book so far has to be Ascension! =) I just love the interactions between Ben and Vestara. Always holding out hope that something good will happen for Ben.

  80. My favorite book was Vortex (Troy Denning). There was so much about that book that was awesome! My favorite part was the Solos and the other Jedi decide to take matters into their own hands and free Valin and Jysella…that sequence felt like the classic-era books.

    I’ve also really enjoyed watching Ben and Vestara’s relationship develop. After the lie she told in Ben about killing Natua. (Ascension came in as a close second). In this book, I started to have serious hope that she was going to turn from the Dark Side. We’ll see if it lasts…

    I was also completely shocked when Saba killed Kenth. While she was the only one (besides Kyp) who had the courage and the strength to kill him, it was still shocking that there was that much division in the Jedi Order.

    The bit about the plague was an interesting twist, and I thought Luke was particularly clever. People often underestimate him and think him simple, but I think that his innocence and purity derives from his humble background.

    What makes FotJ great are the details and the colorful cast of characters. I’ve gotten very attached to Vestara and Wynn, and they’re brand-new!

  81. I haven’t been able to follow a lot of the Star Wars series coming out lately, but this sounds liek a “Revenge of the Jedi” sort of thing, with survivors fearing, and fleeing, for their lives.

  82. Can’t wait to read Apocalypse! My favorite would have to be either Abyss or Allies – They were both awesome.

  83. I like them all but i must say Ascension is best so far :)

  84. Ascension, loved the build up leading into the finale

  85. My pick has to be Vortex. I didn’t want to put it down, and I didn’t until I finished it.

  86. vortex

  87. I like them all but Vortex was great.

  88. Omen is best so far.

  89. They were all fantastic! Conviction was the best so far, but I have high hopes for Apocalypse!

  90. Vortex was the high point of the seies… far.

  91. I haven’t started reading FOTJ yet because I want to have the complete set before I start reading. If it’s as good as everybody says it is, I want to read the whole series without interruption!

  92. I would have to say Ascension is my favorite, because of the development of Vestara Khai’s character. But, I’ve been enjoying the journey Vestara, Luke, and Ben have been on immensely since it started in Abyss, and the rest of the series doesn’t disappoint.

  93. I’d have to go with Outcast. Luke has been my favorite character in the entire SWU. Watching him grow as a Jedi from the movies, through all the series over 40 years and then to see him banished….awesome. It really set up the FOTJ series for me. I can’t wait to see him take back his galaxy.

  94. I cant wait for the last book

  95. Enjoyed Alliance and Omen, Plus Vortex

  96. Backlash was pretty good because you get to see the budding relationship between Ben and Vestara.

  97. This was a really good series. I also enjoyed the spin-off Lost Tribe series. Of the FOTJ books so far, I’d say that Omen was probably my favorite.

  98. Favorite so far has been Vortex. That is when the series in my opinion really started to kick it into HIGH GEAR! Really looking forward to the conclusion of the series!

  99. Mine is Outcast. That first scene with Valin thinking everyone is an imposter was absolutely fantastic.

  100. Outcast and Vortex were my favorites, but I love the series as a whole.

  101. Love the series keep on keeping on

  102. I loved Ascension. Great build-up to the last book in the series.

  103. I really enjoyed Conviction. I was happy when Daala finally got ousted and loved the prison break. I also enoy Amelia starting to figure out how to use the Force

  104. Gotta be VORTEX. It was pretty kickass, and gave the series so much promise…

  105. I love the build up in Ascension, but now I can’t wait for Apocalypse!

  106. I love em all! its an awesome series and im not even that far into it! i cant wait to see how the story progresses.

  107. I really liked Ascension the most, so much action and character development. I can’t wait for Apocalypse!

  108. I loved Abyss. Luke and Ben conversing with the spirits of Anakin, Mara, and Jacen was just too awesome.

  109. My favorite so far was Allies. Mandos killing unarmed Jedi secretaries in cold blood on the steps of the Jedi Temple got me so worked up. I wanted the Jedi to annihilate those uppity Mandos.

  110. I thought Vortex was amazing, can’t wait to see how the series ends!

  111. I also loved Omen because it showed a different set of Sith culture.

  112. Definitely Vortex!

  113. Well to be quite honest i havent finished reading the Legacy of the Force series as of yet. But as soon as i have completed that series i will be right on to this one. I as the rest of us am i HUGE Star Wars Fan !!! and this book would complete the collection that I have started. I am quite sure that this series will be just as good as all of the other series i have read in the past……. Thanks

  114. Vortex is my favorite, not because it was the best of the bunch but because it kicked started my fascination with Star Wars book, and from then on I’ve bought and read at least three books from a Star Wars series a month. The book had a colossal impact.

  115. The whole series was amazing, but my favorites are Vortex and Abyss. I can’t wait to get my hands on Apocolypse, because patience is not one of my traits.

  116. unfortunately I’m a few books behind in the series, but I really liked Omen and Allies. Christie Golden has a unique style that I like (not to say the other two authors don’t) but I’m used to reading stuff by Allston and Dennings. As much as I like Karen Travis, I feel like Golden has been a breath of fresh air in the sense that she adds a new layer/dimension to the characters. Really look forward to Apocalypse (I know, quite a strange claim, but) I can already feel that the latter books in the series are hinting towards a big finale

  117. Wow. I don’t think I can really pick a favorite. Each book is great standing alone, but important as part of an even greater whole. Loving this series.

  118. Vortex. When it ended all I could think was “Noooooooo!”

  119. I love the whole series so far, but I think its Ascension thats among my favorites. I just love the development of Vestara and Bens relationship which I thought was quite well done. On top of that though, I just think the whole story arc is amazing as well.

  120. Vortex was great. I love them all though.

  121. It’s hard to pick one. I like the comparative simplicity of Outcast, before we got more conflict-ridden story lines than we could reasonably follow. :P I like the climax of Vortex with the simultaneous rescue mission and hostage-taking. And I LOVE everything involving Jag in Ascension.

  122. If i have to pick one favorite i guess it would be abyss.

  123. Vortex for sure

  124. All of them. I really like Ben Skywalker.

  125. i loooooooooooove these books, but my fave prolly is Allies.

  126. Hey. So far I am loving Fate of the Jedi. My favorite so far Outcast. It really did a great job opening up the series. Plus Luke and Ben outsmarting the sages was cool.

  127. Alright, I’m not gonna lie, I haven’t read a single FOTJ book. I’ve been reading these books since August two years ago, starting all the way back at Heir to the Empire. Since then, I’ve read almost 60 star wars books, in chronological order of course, and am currently on Revelations, by Karen Traviss (Book Eight of LOTF).

    I’ll be done with those next two books within a week or two. After that, I’ll be able to start on the series I’ve been looking forward to since day … well not day one, I was in Zahn-land at the time … how about day six? This series, which is one I’ve been determined to get in all hard covers, is FOTJ.

    I still haven’t answered the question necessary to get one of these signed copies yet though, have I? Well, not having had the opportunity to start them makes that sort of difficult, but I think it’s safe to say (especially when I have trouble picking favorites to begin with) that, for now at least, Outcast is my favorite book in the series. It’s written by one of my favorite authors period, let alone in the star wars universe (there’s a funny story about this if it’ll help me get the book), and it’s the beginning to what I’ve heard is a GREAT series.

    Besides, who else wrote an essay?

  128. Aww, it didn’t include my paragraph spacing, now it just looks sloppy!

  129. I think “Allies” has probably been my favorite so far. This is the one where we really begin to see the complexity of the budding relationship between Ben and Vestara, as well as Wynn Dorvan’s growing aversion to Daala’s course of action with the Jedi.

  130. My favorite FOTJ book was easily Outcast. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve liked them all so far to varying degrees but Fate was the one that started it all. I nearly teared up when Luke was forced to leave Coruscant and they had that assembly of Jedi to see him off. It just barely beat out that moment when he saw Callista again for the first time on Abeloth’s planet. Heartwrenching.

    Anyway, I clearly deserve to win this book because otherwise I won’t even own it! I’ll just have a digital audiobook or a kindle version!

  131. My favorite by far so far has been Vortex…it was just all around intense!!!!!

  132. My favorite book would be Omen, although all of them are very very close! I love the mysterious Aing-Tii monks and the revealing of the Sith. I love the definitions of Kesh and this series has portrayed the Sith in a new light (or dark). The definitions of Kesh- purple sand, city of glass, trees sculpted to beauty by the dark side, there are so many descriptions that makes the world beautiful. Also, Ships connection with Vestara shadows the future cooperation of the two. Vestara Khai herself is a fantastic character and probably one of my favorite. So much passion to do her culture, her parents, and herself proud, but with her continued interactions with Luke and Ben we can see she is now questioning what she believes. She seems like the opposite of Tahiri Veila. Vestara was Sith to a short time Jedi, then back to Sith/unsure, where Tahiri was Jedi then Sith then Jedi/unsure. Sorry about the rambles, but I really have enjoyed this series and would really really appreciate a signed book!
    Thank you!

  133. I would like to be added to the pile that said Vortex was their favorite. Rare to see a legit Jedi vs Jedi fight.

  134. Vortex would have to be my favorite.

  135. Conviction. It had the best humor Allston has written in quite a while and was awesome overall

  136. Vortex was my favorite book from the series. Loved them all, but that was the one I loved the most.

  137. It’s a toss up between Omen and Vortex for me. Vortex is when things started to kick into gear, but Omen introduced the Lost Tribe and one of my favorite new characters, Vestara Khai. Definitely looking forward to Apocalypse!

  138. each book keeps getting better, my last favorite was ascension!

  139. I would have to say Ascension. The meotion and progression of emotion driven events were impeccable.

  140. Omen, the culture of the Lost Tribe really got my imagination going and got me excited for the future novels of this series!

  141. I was really impressed with the character development with Vestara in Ascension so while I’ve loved all the books I liked that one the best so far.

  142. Wow, which FOTJ novel do I like best? Well I think each one that comes out tops the previous one so I’m going with Ascension. I love how the story’s progressing and have been looking forward to each one so much so that when each book finally does come out my attention gets so consumed that when one finally does come out, I’m already done reading it that weekend, including the excerpt from the next one. It’s like I’m participating in one of Pavlov’s experiments. I’m also really stoked that the novel that I’m looking forward to the most is coming out on my birthday! When I found that out, I could contain my excitement! I also can’t wait to find out what happens next now that this series is wrapping up, since there’s almost a century to fill between FOTJ and Dark Horse’s Legacy graphic novels. Always in motion the future is. But what of the Skywalkers’ future? We will have to wait and see.

  143. Backlash simply because I love me some Dathomiri women

  144. It’s hard to choose, but Vortex stuck out to me because it was interesting to see the Jedi and Sith working together to try and defeat Abeloth. Also, the tension between Daala and the Jedi escalates, leaving you to wonder how this can end well, for the Jedi, or for Daala and the government that is tenuously under her sway.

  145. I’ve gotta say Ascension is is my favorite so far. Probably that’s just because I read it so recently, but it might actually be the best. Despite the blatant spelling and canonical errors, it has the most action of Fate of the Jedi, but it still keeps up with the political plots that have permeated the series. It also develops Ben and Vestara’s relationship much more than the previous books. It’s definitely the most well-rounded of the series so far in terms of action and character development.

    If the preview for Apocalypse was anything to go by though, that’s definitely going to be my favorite. I’ve been dying to know about the Celestials for as long as I can remember.

    Also, my birthday is March 15. Thanks for the birthday present!

  146. Ascension, the plot shrinks and expands throughout the book like a living thing. The build up of all the events waiting to culminate to a single point was abosolutely enthralling. The politcal intrigue involving the Sith was genius. I can’t believe I’ve was able to wait these few months to read the conclusion!

  147. Enjoyed Conviction a lot, lots of crazy shit happening

  148. Omen is my favorite, yet I have not finished Ascension yet. I’m taking my time until the release of Apocalypse.

  149. Ascension is my favorite so far

  150. Ascension is my favorite so far. Can’t wait for Apocalypse!

  151. Outcast, I really liked the premise and Allston is my my favorite (Wraith Squadron – Can’t wait.)

  152. Although each book has had moments that blew my mind, I’d have to say Abyss was my favorite, because of the Lake of Apparitions.

  153. The novel I appreciate the most is Abyss. I loved reading about the Mind Drinkers/Walkers and their weird Force technique to visit the deads. And, of course, it’s the first encounter with the Lost Tribe for the modern-era Jedi Order.

  154. So far, my favorite book has been Ascension. *SPOILER ALERT* Daala being ousted, Boba Fett, Vestara’s true colors (sith red!) and the new Rulers of Coruscant… Oh, and Jagged Fel vs Daala… Can’t wait for the Apocalypse!!!

  155. I’ve got to go with Ascension for a favorite, I loved the character development and it really moved us towards and exciting climax for the series. I can’t wait for Apocalypse, I have a feeling it’ll be great!

  156. Loved them all, but I have to say that “Ascension” is my favorite so far. It really sets the stage for an awesome conclusion in “Apocalypse.” Can’t wait to read it!

  157. The whole series is great. I would have to say that Ascension, I can’t wait for Apocalypse

  158. I am gonna have to say my favorite book of the series was Omen, but I am a huge Star Wars addict and I probably love all the books almost the same!

  159. I’ve enjoyed all of them. I’ll pick Backlash for the riddle. “What’s this big, weighs forty kilos, and eats people?”. :-)

  160. I would have to say that Vortex is my favorite. I got extremely emotionally involved, to the point of punching my book because the Judge in Tahiri’s trial made me so living. Its always hard to choose between Allston and Denning, but Troy squeaked past this time! Plus, with his track record, I’m always waiting to see which major character dies by his hand this time.

  161. Ascension, this book really picked up the pace.

  162. While I have enjoyed the whole series, for me its Outcast. I remember first reading it, with Valin Horn going crazy,attacking his parents, I was in awe and kept thinking what is going on. It was very intriguing, and definitely pulled me in. The banishment of Luke Skywalker and the emotions that the jedi had was also very compelling. For me Outcast opened the doors to what would become a very exciting saga certainly worthy of Star Wars.

  163. My favorite was Ascension. Only the Sith could make Han and Leia run to hide in their own planet’s undercity while they take over their government without raising suspicion by using politics and their ambitious members to their own advantage. I can’t wait to see what Luke has in store for them.

  164. For me, it is Allies. The Courtroom drama with Tahiri is amazing. Plus, I feel like this is when Ben and Ves really start to grow on one another.

  165. My favourite so far is Abyss. I loved going beyond shadows and the fight with Luke & Ben vs. the Sith strike team.

    I don’t live in the US but would be happy to pay the extra cost for international shipping if I’m picked.

  166. I think Ascension was my fave, but I’ve loved the hole series!

  167. Omen cause it’s the only FOTJ I’ve read so far, but I’ll change that soon!

  168. My favorite was the first…I listened to it, and since have listened to two more. I did like book two when they went to Plo Koon’s home world. If you have never listened to a Star Wars book, they are great with sound effects and voices.

  169. “Backlash” was my favorite so far.

  170. I really enjoyed Omen, the second book in the series. It was the introduction of Vestara, who has become an interesting character. She and the other “Lost Tribe Sith” do not really seem as evil as the “Rule of Two Sith”.

  171. I have to say that Ascension has been my favorite so far, though that may just be because it’s the most recent one. I’m a huge Ben Skywalker fan so the more of him I can the better. I can still hope that Ben and Vestara end up together, even though I don’t think that’s going to happen from the writing.

  172. I only read Abyss so Abyss is my favorite.

  173. Omen

  174. Vortex was definitely my favorite in the series. It was sheer awesomeness contained by written word and packaged in a book. Brilliant!

  175. My favourite book of FOTJ is Vortex because the little sabacc tournament and Booster Terrik mentioned in it, reminded me of the old x-wing novles.

  176. My favorite was Vortex!

  177. Vortex. First novel of the series was easily the best one.

  178. I must say outcast.

  179. I would have to say that Backlash is my favorite in the series so far. I have been a fan of the Dathomiri Force Witches since Courtship and I was more than happy to see them return. From the tournament on Dathomir and the death of Cha Niathal, to the adventures of Allana with the mechanic and the raid on the Jedi Temple by Mandalorians, I think that Aaron Allston manages to keep the action and intrigue heavy throughout the entirety of the novel. Also, the way Allston manages the interactions between Luke and Ben feels more than natural, and the dialogue he effects between characters is always guaranteed to generate a few laughs.

  180. Man oh man, picking is very hard…. but i would have to go with VORTEX. What a GREAT book

  181. […] Fate of the Jedi. Yet another mini-excerpt from Apocalypse, plus a link to Roqoo Depot’s giveaway. […]

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