Movie Review: ‘Act of Valor’

February 27, 2012 at 2:13 pm | Posted in Movies, Reviews | Leave a comment

This is a must see movie, and yet Act of Valor is not a blockbuster, it is not an action flick, and it’s not the best movie ever made. What it is, is a dedication to our active duty Navy SEALs and a film that stirs emotion. As far as military films go, it’s akin to Saving Private Ryan. That was a film that struck a deep emotional core with veterans and civilians alike. Act of Valor achieves that same depth.

As stated above, this is much more than an action flick. From the previews and the hype, I was expecting to see some spectacular fire fights and combat scenes. On TV you see gun boats mowing down river banks with machine gun fire. On top of that, the previews boast a cast of real life, active duty SEALs. It just screams “this is going to be awesome.” Don’t let the previews deceive. This is a film with depth.

Going into the first mission, the movie appeared to be delivering on its promise of action. When it got to the gun boats opening up with full fire, I was truly welling up with emotion at the sheer destructive force of the scene. This wasn’t like Rambo where bodies are being torn apart for a bloody, gory effect. This was a scene that spoke of the power of overwhelming force. Up until that point, there was plenty of gunfire and action. There was the classic sniper picking off sentries, the amphibious entry into the enemy camp, and then some fierce close quarters combat. When they got to gun boat evac, it was the climax of the battle. The SEALs were in need of help, and those mini guns ripping away were like a godsend.

This was but the first of several missions in the movie. In between the action scenes is some good character interactions that bring some of the SEAL members to life. It created a good bond with the viewer, and as the missions continue, it cemented that connection. These weren’t bland soldiers, and they weren’t heartless killing machines. The film did a really good job of presenting some of the members as real people you could relate to.

When it’s all said and done, this is a movie that gives viewers a look at what these people do and what they put on the line. The emotional resonance of the ending left the crowd in a stoic silence. Everyone in the theater was choked up as the roll call went by before the credits. It isn’t a movie you walk out of the theater feeling happy or entertained. This is a film that grabs your emotions and deepens your respect. As a civilian in the United States, you owe it to yourself and the people who are fighting for you to go see this movie. If you’re a veteran, be prepared for the emotional impact.

Having seen this film, I give my gracious, heartfelt thanks to every man and woman who has served this country in combat to protect our rights and safety. Thank you.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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