Timothy Zahn Releases Details On New Han Solo Novel

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While he wasn’t allowed to divulge the title, author Timothy Zahn released a few details about his upcoming Han Solo novel:

First, it will be be set in the classic movie era.
Second, it will be an Ocean’s Eleven-type heist caper.
And third, it will star everyone’s favorite smuggler, Han Solo.

More information should release next month.

An Ocean’s Eleven-type heist caper? Han Solo? Here’s my wallet, Del Rey. Charge me whatever you would like for this book.

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What Lawyers Do When They Get Bored

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They write clauses into warranties, like this one for Asus computers.

There is damage caused by natural disaster, intentional or unintentional misuse, acts of war, space invasions, abuse, neglect, improper maintenance, or use under abnormal conditions.

I find this hilarious.  I’m also pretty sure if we ever do get invaded by space aliens, my computer warranty is going to be at the bottom of my list of concerns.

(via Pingdom)

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An Interview with Ackbar

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SFGate posted a video interview the other day with Erik Bauersfeld, the voice actor for Admiral Ackbar and Bib Fortuna in Return of the Jedi. You can check out the video here along with some other clips of Ackbar. There is also a nice link there to a written interview which was done last September with Erik.

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Raising the Next Generation of Star Wars Fans: Passing the Torch

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When family members of mine introduced me to the Star Wars movies, it changed my life. I became aware of science fiction, graphic novels, and video games all through one franchise. Star Wars has opened up so many doors for me, and I’ve seen it open up doors for other young people. As a lover of Star Wars, one of my greatest joys has been to cultivate the next generation of fans.

My first experience introducing ‘younglings’ to Star Wars was through babysitting. I brought my Star Wars: The Clone Wars movie DVD with me one night to watch with a 5-year-old boy whom I was taking care of. As soon as he saw it, he was hooked. He became enamored with Star Wars to the point where he had a Star Wars birthday that year, including a magician dressed as Obi-Wan Kenobi. This birthday party introduced the concept of Star Wars to all of the boy’s friends, and pretty soon his entire preschool was involved. Now, when I walk by his preschool, I can still see the Return of the Jedi movie poster they hung during the school’s (now annual) ‘Star Wars Day’. All the children at the preschool got to make their own light sabers and play ‘Jedi vs. Sith’ games for the day. It’s amazing to think that because of just introducing one small boy to Star Wars, an entire group of young children are now in love with a galaxy far, far away. Continue Reading Raising the Next Generation of Star Wars Fans: Passing the Torch…

Databurst From the 501st

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Latest Databurst From the 501st covering event news from February 22-28th. Be sure to mark your calendars and show support for your local garrisons.

February 22

New Release: ‘Dark Times – Out of the Wilderness #4’

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New from Dark Horse today is Dark Times: Out of the Wilderness #4.

The mystery man is revealed! If Boba Fett is the man you call when you want someone captured, Falco Sang is the one to call when you want someone dead. Sang has been on Dass Jennir’s trail for months, and now the Jedi is in his sights. But Sang isn’t the only one searching for Jennir, and he should be careful that he doesn’t come between Jennir and Darth Vader!

Writer: Mick Harrison
Artist: Douglas Wheatley
Colorist: Dan Jackson
Cover Artist: Pablo Correa

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