Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi #1 Review

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Today sees the release of John Ostrander and Jan Duursema’s Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi #1 from Dark Horse.  The origins of the Jedi truly begin here. After the break you can find out what my wife and I thought of the issue!


Corax: I have been chomping at the bit for this issue since I finished the #0 issue and I wasn’t let down.  From seeing Xesh, the Force Hound, on Tatooine to the battle between Xesh and Trill.  Seeing the early dynamics of the Infinite Empire is very cool.

Mrs Corax: Seriously, this issue was everything I had hoped for as well. It starts off with the tale of the Tho Yor traveling to planets well known in the Star Wars universe. One Tho Yor travels first to Kashyyyk where the Wookiee’s enter and find peace; another travels to Dathomir where shamans and seers encounter it and find harmony. Then, yet another travels to Ryloth where Twi’Lek philosophers enter the Tho Yor and find enlightenment. Another Tho Yor travels to Manaan where Selkath scholars and scientists entered and found wisdom. Eight Tho Yors traveled to planets picking up force sensitives. They traveled to the center of the galaxy navigating black holes and dark matter and finally landed on Tython. Great storms awakened at the arrival of the eight Tho Yor while they all surrounded the ninth and largest Tho Yor.

Corax: I thought it was very interesting to see the different variety of species picked up by the Tho Yors. One of my favorite scenes was seeing the Wookies on Kashyyyk, but  I’m still very intrigued by who or what created the Tho Yors and I’m really in hopes that is something that is discussed within the series.

Mrs Corax: Yeah, I thought this issue was better than the first. Of course this issue is actually getting into the story as opposed to the first being more of a guide to what we’ll see. I loved that when they’re telling the story in the beginning, you don’t realize that it’s actually one of the Je’daii masters telling his two padawans their history. I thought that was a neat little twist. It also leaves me wondering if we’ll see more on the Padawan who was adamant that he hated Queen Hadiya and that she would “never be a part” of him. Could this be an Anakin-esque character? Could we see his inner conflicts later on? Will he travel too far into Bogan? I have so many questions! I’m also interested to see if Xesh can actually find the planet in the deep core. I loved the cliff hanger ending too! It makes it very hard to wait for the next issue!

Corax: Welcome to the world of comics my dear, especially ones written by John and drawn by Jan, those thirty day waits are killers :)  I agree that it will be very interesting to see how Resi progresses throughout the series.  But I think Xesh will present the biggest character arc overall.  A slave of the Rakata who brings them to Tython and instigates BIG changes?  Yeah I will be watching /reading his story with great interest.

Mrs Corax: I agree, but I still think it was more than coincidence that out of the two Padawans, Resi was the only one to have a negative reaction to Queen Hadiya. But, we’ll just have to wait and see. I know I said this in the last review, but as a “newbie” to the EU world, I enjoy taking the journey right along with the “veterans.” Not only is the story great thus far, but the artwork is vivid and interesting. As someone who doesn’t have a history of seeing anything John and Jan have done, I am extremely impressed. It makes me wonder why I’m just now getting in to comics…

Corax:  Well obviously you were just waiting for the right guy to introduce them to you ;) Back on topic, I think that Resi’s thoughts and beliefs really shows the difference between the first Je’daii and the current Jedi beliefs.  Overall we both loved the story presented in the first issue, although I felt that the issue was a little light.  Mainly I think that’s because we got such an information overload in the 0 issue that it almost felt like this one was playing second fiddle.  But the story and art are well done and I can’t wait to see where this series takes us.  With everything this issue does include though we give Dawn of the Jedi #1:

5 out of 5 Brass Bikinis

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