Valentine’s Day Star Wars Romance Novels

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It’s Valentine’s Day here in the U.S. and to help celebrate, we asked ourselves “What Star Wars romance novels would we most like to see?” We thought long and hard about what characters should hook up, what stories should be told, and what authors should be assigned for the momentous task. After hours of brainstorming and consideration, we developed the following list for your enjoyment.


Love Among the Stars: Luke and Mara by Karen Traviss

Tagline: When love needs a savior, the Mandalorians are there.

Synopsis: Another crisis has gripped the galaxy and Luke Skywalker has become the target. In this stunningly unique novel a cunning foe has kidnapped Mara Jade Skywalker, and the only way for Luke to get her back is to train under the Mandalore. But will Boba Fett’s guidance be enough to help Luke save his true love?


Ashes of Love: Owen and Beru by Joe Schreiber

Tagline: They died a tragic death, but their love didn’t stop there.

Synopsis: Defying the Force, Owen and Beru rise up from the charred sands of Tatooine to love once again. In this epic novel, Joe Schreiber brings Star Wars fans the first undead love story ever told in Star Wars.


Jedi Steel: Obi-Wan and Cerasi, Siri, Taria and Sateen by Karen Miller

Tagline: His Force was too strong for one woman.

Synopsis: True to the Jedi code but unable to contain his great Force strength, Obi-Wan selflessly shares his connection with the special women in his life.


Naboo Moon: The Secret Story of Padme and JarJar by George Lucas

Tagline: Mesa in love.

Synopsis: She was the Queen of Naboo. He was a bumbling Gungan. Their love didn’t stand a chance. Throwing caution to the wind, they followed their hearts and plunged a galaxy into war.


Lovesaber by Kevin J. Anderson

Tagline: He inspired fear in all, but she inspired his greatest weapon.

Synopsis: Given full control of the Empire’s newest weapon, Ysanne Isard holds the galaxy’s fate in her hand. The more she tightens her grip, the worse things get, and the tension is building. The reader will cling to the edge of their seat as the novel’s climax reaches its explosive ending. This is the first book in an all new trilogy by Kevin J. Anderson leading up to the events of Glove of Darth Vader. Lovesaber includes an exclusive preview of the next book in the series – Shaft of Palpatine: The Origin of Prince Ken.


A Parsec Too Far: Han, Leia…and the Wook by Troy Dennning

Tagline: What really happened on the Kessel Run?

Synopsis: Han and Leia’s love knew no bounds, but neither did Chewbacca’s. The galaxy’s biggest secret, however, becomes the Jedi’s biggest downfall. Enraged by his sister’s actions, Luke strikes out for revenge. But when this love novel comes to a tragic end…no Solo/Skywalker is safe.

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  1. “Lovesaber” is an awesome title! But now I can’t unsee that last image.

  2. i want all of them to be made real books!… except the one about Padme Amidala and Jar Jar Binks… CREEPY AND AWKWARD!!!!!!!! xx

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