Nuts to Romance. Let’s talk Bromance in Star Wars

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today, we celebrate the beauty of relationships and affection. Love and respect. That’s right, we’re celebrating the great bromances in Star Wars and the Expanded universe.

What, did you think we were going to talk about straight-ahead romantic relationships? Please. At least bromances have a shot at standing the test of time in this Galaxy Far, Far Away. Have you taken a look at Luke Skywalker’s love life lately? Let’s dive in and take a look at five bromantic archetypes to highlight our favorite male friendships in the fandom.


Mutual Respect: Thrawn/Pellaeon

Would you call these two friends? Probably not. Gilad Pellaeon probably has to watch his step to ensure he doesn’t become the next deck officer that Thrawn shoots at point-blank range. The Grand Admiral’s propensity for laying waste to entire planets on a whim was probably also a touch on the disconcerting side. And all of those furry little lizards? We all know that Pellaeon thought his commanding officer was a shade eccentric.

But Pellaeon can’t deny the sheer tactical brilliance of Grand Admiral Thrawn. Likewise, Thrawn recognizes that his second-in-command is perhaps the most dedicated officer in the entire Empire. They both stood to learn from one another.

And come on, don’t tell me that bonding over art didn’t scream bromance.

Just two guys that respect each other. Bonding over art.

Angst Ahoy: Anakin/Obi-Wan

We’re all drawn to angst and drama. What’s not to like? Emotional distress is so much fun to watch in our entertainment choices. In Star Wars, does it get much angstier than Anakin and Obi-Wan’s troubled relationship?

Obi-Wan came right out at said it. “You were my brother, Anakin! I loved you!” Of course that would probably be a whole lot more heartwarming had Anakin not just gone Sith, participated in the destruction of the Jedi Order, Force-strangled his wife, and killed a bunch of younglings. With that context, their relationship transformed from being a warm and fuzzy mentor/student to a tale of betrayal. The closer they are, the more painful the bromantic breakup.

Of course, the cracks began forming long before Order 66 was given. Sure Obi-Wan just wanted what was best for his surrogate little brother, but how much was he holding back from him? You faked your death to go on a mission for the Jedi Order but neglected to let Anakin in on it? And you wonder why little Skywalker started getting so emotionally distant towards the latter parts of the Clone Wars.

At least we've got our memories of Obi-Wan taking his surrogate little brother to Jedi school.

Bar Brawl Buddies: Han/Chewie

Some bromances are built around respect for one another. Some on a close kinship. Others are built around having each other’s back.

Han and Chewie get through more scrapes in a standard week than most sane individuals will in an entire lifetime. One day it’s a cantina fight on some backwater, outer-rim world. Another day it’s dodging pirates to deliver contraband to a paying customer. One thing is for certain, without each other, they never would have gotten as far as they did. Certainly not far enough to take a cushy paid gig to transport some weird old man and a cocky eighteen-year-old to Alderaan.

The scruffy Corellian and the Wookiee always had each other’s backs. Be careful not to anger one of them, because you would be liable to either have your arm ripped out of its socket or take a blaster bolt between the eyes.

Here is a gratuitous illustration of Han and Chewie as stand-ins for Calvin and Hobbes:

Frakking awww, right?

Loyalty: Wedge/Tycho

Of course, the bromances aren’t all fun and games. It’s one thing to stick by someone through the usual ups and downs of a friendship. It’s another thing entirely to stand up for your best friend after he’s been accused of treason. So goes the tale of Wedge Antilles and Tycho Celchu.

The origins of their friendship is rather tragic, both bonding over the loss of their respective families. Wedge’s family killed by pirates, Tycho’s obliterated when the Death Star destroyed Alderaan. Suddenly alone in the Galaxy, both were eventually driven to the Rebel Alliance where they developed a singular focus on honing their skills as deadly combat pilots to fight back against the Empire.It was perhaps inevitable that they would become command partners and close friends. Their shared backgrounds, dedication the military life, and mutual understanding that either one of them could be dead by the end of the day. It’s a silent understanding that forges the most loyal of kinship, one that can’t be broken even by the accusation of treason.

Really, Wedge and Tycho are far more than just a bromance. They’re the definition of heterosexual life partners. After all, they are raising a pair of children together …

Nothing to see here. Just two heterosexual life partners raising their unruly children.

The Wingmen: Wes/Hobbie

Say hello to the children. Sure, we’ve talked about bromances that are predicated on respect, loyalty, and having one another’s backs, but there’s a special bond for one particular archetype: The Wingmen.

The Wingman is a unique symbiosis, working in tandem to succeed in everything from mischief to courtship. Perhaps no one in the Galaxy Far, Far Away exemplifies this more than long-time Rogue Squadron stalwarts Wes Janson and Hobbie Klivian. Together they are the source of constant headaches to their commanding officer for countless shenanigans. Though, sometimes one has to wonder if the pranks are just Wes’ idea and Hobbie gets suckered in for the ride.

Wingmen are nigh inseparable. Come on, we all know that Wes and Hobbie spent hours pouting at Wedge when he broke the two of them up to form Wraith Squadron. Short of official orders from military brass, however, nothing will get between the two parts of a wing pair. Not even a hideous red speedo.

Look at this picture and tell me The Wingmen aren't up to something mischievous.

Written by Lane for Roqoo Depot

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